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Eyr Ranr

The following is an article on the culture of the Iromakuanhe and the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

The Eyr Ranrs are an airborne nomadic culture that descended from the old Saali aircraft and starfighter pilots. They live in the near complete freedom of the skies above Maekardan and love to find new challenges and thrills. They are seen as aloof and unstable by their urbanite kin, the Ivuori, but have very strong ties to the Sund Wakir and Curdatl communities.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White None Common
Gray Uncommon Common
Black Rare Uncommon
Brown Very Common Very Common
Red Very Rare Uncommon
Orange Uncommon Common
Yellow Uncommon Common
Blue Common Very Rare
Violet Very Rare Very Rare
Green Uncommon Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Uncommon
Brown (“Black”) Uncommon
Rose Pink Common
Flesh Very Common
Pale Purple Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 6'
Female Height 5'8''
Male Weight 165 Ibs
Female Weight 150 Ibs
Male Build Slim/Toned
Female Build Lithe/Toned
Bra Cup Size B/C


General Behavior

Aloof, wanderlusted and dreamer are the first words used by other Iromakuanhe to describe the Eyr. This isn't exactly incorrect, as many Eyr Ranr people have mentalities similar to this description, but it is something of an over simplification. Ranrs are adventurous, bold and unfortunately, very entranced by their own hopes and dreams for the future. These characteristics often make them seem to be aloof in the eyes of others.

Marriage Practices

Polyamorous Monogamy

As a very relaxed and free people, the Eyr Ranrs lack any real hangups over marriage and extra marital affairs. They believe that truly loving couples should get married and have children, but there are no rules against bringing in extra bodies to warm the bed for any period of time. Children born from affairs are treated the same as their lawful kin, save the children born in wedlock, no matter the age, will always receive the inheritance.

The Ceremony

Ceremonies amongst the Eyr are of a simplistic beauty, with the colors of the mid-day sky held close to heart. Clothing is typically tasteful and comfortable, with only minor ornament and decoration. Ceremonies are held on the nearest available airship, and can be performed by either a priest or ship captain, depending on availability.

Familial Practices

Eyr Ranr families tend to have two parents, 3-5 children from wedlock, and up to a dozen extra members including permanent and temporary lovers and illegitimate children. Despite the tenuous links that hold them together, Ranr families are very closely knit, in the manner both families and shipmates are close. All members of the family are expected to pull their own weight in some way from age 6 onwards, which quickly imparts some measure of responsability and independence in the young.


The Eyr Ranr have no real qualms about homosexuality and most harmless fetishes, though certain practices are frowned upon. Coprophagia/phylia and most degrading practices are disliked by the general community.


Renowned as simple, beautiful pieces of engineering and art, Eyr Ranr airships emphasize the freedom-loving character of the sky nomads. They focus on clean, simple lines, clean white spaces and aerodynamic form, accentuated with highlights in bright blues and muted yellows and oranges. While some are only the size of a schooner, some of the more massive airships are something akin to mobile, self-sufficient cities.

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