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Iromakuanhe Fashion

Iromakuanhe fashion is based on the trends of the past as well as some of those of the present, mixing in technologies such as 3D printing with the old, traditional, homemade styles of the past. They have a recursive ideology based around wanting and making their own traditionally produced goods that is tantamount to asceticism. The Iromakuanhe aesthetic of earth tones, rounded edges, and glowing light blue accents are prominent and should be noted, though the differing tastes and choices of of the individual wearer contributes to the colors and schemes a great deal.

More about Iromakuanhe Fashion

Influenced by their need for asceticism, the Iromakuanhe are quite often known for creating their own clothing and, thus, their fashion is based on what is possible to make rather than what is possible to wear. They work to adorn themselves by embroidering cloth, carving wood, or dyeing silks to wear. Based on Iromakuanhe Culture, a person will wear homemade clothes as an expression of themselves, rather than anything else.

Low cost clothing, such as that provided by MOST DIGNIFIED Clothier and Barber are made via use of small Molecular Furnace. Molecular furnaces also play a role in the jewelry worn and the more intricate pieces of clothing that are less easy to make by hand.

Many every day clothes are industrially produced and include the standard array of clothing items, such as shirts, pants, Socks, coats, jackets, scarves, and the like.

Fashion Sub-styles

There are many ways for Iromakuanhe to wear their clothing to their unique tastes and below are a few of the many styles that are prevalent amongst Iromakuanhe men and women.


The complex cellular forms of nature are sometimes imbued into fashion. This can take the form of the lattice-like structure present in Iromakuanhe bones inspiring jewelry, most often 3D printed. The processes of living are an integral part of this style and aspects of the biological part of Iromakuanhe life such as the circulatory and esteemed nervous system are present in varying forms, such as intricate embroidery outlining where the veins and capillaries would be on the wearer, where the nervous system lines up to them, and even such things as tubes of liquid signifying blood or bioluminescent material are worn on the outside of worn clothing articles.


A 'used future' look that involves well-worn leathers, sandy beige colors, and dusty capes typically seen on Sund Wakir.


Basing their look off of the light ethereal nature of wind, the skies above, the sun, and and their white hot star, the practitioners of this style of fashion are often seen wearing light blues and whites. Often seen on Eyr Ranr. Hair pigmentation is sometimes changed to that of pastels by way of Somatic Tuning or just the tips of the hair are changed and the roots and upper portion of the hair is left untouched. They were light clothes easily picked up by the breeze, objects that sparkle, and Sky Boarding clothing.


Sometimes colorful but transparent materials will be used and oftentimes there will be openings in clothing to allow for entry port access or panelling that reveals the plates that run along the Iromakuanhe bodies. Relying heavily on influences like Commonwealth Communications Grid, People's Prajna, and, this style is known for its cyber-focused avante garde eclecticism.


This style usually wears a mix of industrial made clothing and hand-done garments and employs the use of skirts, scarves, layers, and a hodgepodge of differing clothing not typically worn together.

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