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Ghen School

The Ghen School is the most famous branch of Mazerinii Reconstructionism, the schools of thought that wished to return to the more open and loving societies of Hlarai, and admittedly less so Maekardan. Formed as a reactionary movement to the cultural and sexual oppression of religious fanatics and the traditionally somber and lonely philosophies of what was mainstream Mazerinii thought. This ideology, which presented a neutral, or even positive view of the pleasures and vices of society and sought to instill a more caring mindset in Mazerin culture only gained ground slowly, moving across the more metropolitan arcologies of the outermost of the three Commonwealth colony worlds.


The Ghen School believes that life is meant to be lived, and that the spirit is only enriched by widening and deepening one's understanding of tangible and earthly things. Enlightenment is achieved through distraction, by leaning to simultaneously enjoy the extremes and vices of life while being able to retain a strong moral and spiritual center in spite of, and perhaps because of this exposure. A student of Ghen accepts reality and strives to become a beacon of happiness and good inside of it.


  • “Focus is achieved only amid distraction.”
  • “Reality is perceived by understanding illusion.”
  • “Asceticism is attained by bathing in vice.”
  • “Purity is the hand that has dipped into a thousand gold coins and only taken one.”

Differences from Orthodoxy

The Ghen School is largely in line with orthodox Maekardanii and Hlaraian beliefs, although its strange combination of ascetic virtue, hedonism and epicurean ideals place its members as an accepted, if misunderstood, minority. Like many of the Reconsturctionist movements on Mazerin, this idealogy clashed heavily with the canon and tradition of its homeworld, having met strong resistance from Mazerinii Orthodoxy and Ascetism.

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