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HAS Reva Maya

The HAS Reva Maya is an Iromakuanhe airship that resides on Hlarai, flying in atmosphere and doubling as both a cruise liner for passengers, and smuggling ship. Shantanu Xun is the captain and owner of the airship.

About the HAS Reva Maya

A Leto Nu-Ow 1/1a class airship with total passenger count of 280-300, the HAS Reva Maya is a dual purpose craft that serves both as a civilian entertainment cruise liner and a smuggling and pilfering ship. It has Organoid Substructures, Life Support Systems, and propulsion found in an Iromakuanhe craft.

Key Features

  • High Mobility
  • Semi self-sustaining
  • Civilian Housing

Mission Specialization

  • Transportation and pilfering of goods
  • Entertainment cruise liner


The HAS Reva Maya is oblong and rounded in shape, made almost entirely of blue-green dyed Strodirn, giving it a shimmering-like effect in sunlight. Two rods expand over the top deck, carrying two folding panels on each rod (for a total of four) allowing it to form a canopy, deck-shielding, or a complete seal depending on the positions of all the hyperglass paneling. While it lacks any wings, the various engines along the hull facing outward, the prow, and on the back allow it full feasible control within atmospheric conditions. The ship's main deck is separated into thirds, with the foremost one partially concealed by a Strodirn shield with hyperglass panels, full of businesses and restaurants. The middle section is home to 2-4 floored housing, the center of the deck holding a large communal pool and the town plaza to mark the residential housing. The farthest back section, covered by a similar Strodirn dome as the front section, is home to the command bridge, deck-based warehouse storage and turbolifts to the various internal decks.


Class: Leti Nu-Ow 1/1a Type: Airship Designers: Solan Starworks Manufacturer: Solan Starworks Production: Mass produced Fielded by: Shantanu Xun


Bridge Crew: 5

Technical Crew: 50

Staff: 50

Shop and restaurant workers: 25

Civilian: 150-170

History and Background

This airship is a newer, but cheaper model that has just been put into use. It was bought by Shantanu Xun after some steady bartering and trading for it. He employed his cousin to pilot the ship and is captain.

On Board the HAS Reva Maya

There are many facets to the HAS Reva Maya. On its top floor are the pool facilities, shops and restaurants, and a sprawling park and plaza to relax in. Underneath that is where the housing for all residents of the HAS Reva Maya is, which varies from bunks for crew, cabins, one bedroom apartments to suites. Below that is the hangar which houses light craft and So-M1-1B Erla VANDR Civilian-type. Beneath that are the power systems, then the hydroponic suite and med bay.

Deck Use Additional Info
1 Commercial, Residential, Storage, Command Bridge The top deck/surface. Storage dedicated to trade goods and dismantled defense weaponry.
2 Medical, Hydroponics, Storage Deck is bathed in blue-green sunlamps. Storage dedicated to food, seeds, and medical supplies.
3 Basic Life Support, Utilities, Hanger Deck bathed in pale-pink lighting. Hangers extend from both sides of the ship with grooved launch struts to support at most four VANDR or similar-sized craft.
4 Engineering, Generator Room, Assembly Yard Deck bathed in orange lighting. Turbolifts allow craft to be formed and sent up to the hangers for fabricating new equipment.
5 Excess Storage Deck bathed in green-yellow lighting. Any supplies once past a storage section's feasibility or things such as spare parts will be stored here.

Power Systems

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