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Hypercarbon Sheath Armor (HySAr)

First developed in AR 935, Hypercarbon Sheath Armor was Solan Starworks' response to more the creation of a large number of new starship and mecha designs being commissioned by the Astral Vanguard as part of a yet unnamed military initiative.

HySAR plating consists of Hypercarbon tiles, Aggregated Diamond Nanorods created in high gravity molecular furnaces instead of conventional pressure devices that have improved hardness and strength to assault, with a coating made of a glassy non-reflective metamaterial. This armor is designed to offer affordable, low-maintenance protection, while the coating to each tile allows it to remain relatively stealthy during planetary operations at lower levels of power consumption, as it is radar-absorbant. The tiles are then subsequently arranged to form a segmented pseudo-monocoque design, with plating affixed to moving components in some areas and solid shells in others.

Underneath this is a thin layer of Aerudirn lined with a mesh of Veyrinite superconductor channels and small emitters which generate compressed space fields around the craft. It allows for greatly increased survivability against solid rounds, removing much of the penetrative power of solid rounds by absorbing their kinetic force and distorting their flightpaths so that the penetrative tip of a round is rarely the point that impacts.

It offers superior protection to the Agridinn armor used on Iromakuanhe powered armor and the pure Aerudirn exoskeleton that was used on the venerable Erla VANDR, but is only utilized on mecha designs.


  • Hypercarbon Sheath Armor protects from kinetic shocks and deep armor penetration.1)
  • Hypercarbon tiles are modular, for easier field repairs.


  • Regeneration is limited to 33% of total substructure because fewer components are composed of regenerative material.
  • Regeneration speed is halved to prevent organic component regeneration from compromising the electronic components.

OOC Notes

Approved here.

Represented at GM Discretion by kinetic rounds being able to wear or dissipate armor, but not penetrate it or crush interior compartments.

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