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1st IAC-Free State Aid Treaty

The following is an article of foreign aid between the Free State and Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. Originally drafted shortly after first contact in YE 30/AR 934, it went unused for over three years before recontact in YE 33/AR 936. The document was presented for consideration after the refugee fleet Zoroastrian Legion arrived in the Iruotl system for resourcing, offering aid and nominal cooperation between both peoples in order to avoid further unnecessary conflicts.

For the purposes of this document, the IAC shall be referred to as “the Commonwealth” and the Free State shall be referred to as “the State”.

Section 1: Terms of Non-Aggression

Article I: International Status

  • The Commonwealth and the State are considered to be at peace with one another.
  • The Commonwealth and the State recognize one another's right to exist.
  • The Commonwealth and the State are considered to be in a state of nominal cooperation.
    • Both parties are considered to be de-facto friendly, but without a formal alliance.
    • Neither party can use the invasion of one party as cassus belli to invade a third.
    • Neither party can be justifiably invaded by a third party if either signatory state has entered in hostilities with them.

Section 2: Terms of Cooperation

Article I: Aid

  • The Commonwealth agrees to supply the State with a percentage of its gross domestic production in order to assist fleets operating in its region of space.
    • All aid will be done on a case-by-case basis, based on the material needs of the fleet.
    • All aid is intentionally for humanitarian purposes only, for assisting sentient biological and infomorph citizens. The Commonwealth cannot be bound to assist in the crash militarization of a state it is not allied with.
  • The Commonwealth also agrees to provide the State with certain technologies to decrease scarcity in its various fleets and improve quality of life.1)
  • In exchange, the State is requested to avoid harvesting resources from inhabited systems.
    • This pertains especially to all planetary systems with natural or terraformed biospheres, and nascent biospheres in the process of terraforming.
    • Asteroids and planetoids too rough or small for terraforming may however be claimed with impunity.

Article II: Refugee Assistance

  • The Commonwealth agrees to accept Freespacers displaced by war and unlawful conflicts across space as refugees.
    • As per current laws, refugees may apply for immigration and become citizens of the Commonwealth.
    • This citizenship is inherently dual in nature, allowing Freespacer expatriates of any generation to leave Commonwealth space to return to their ancestral homes.
  • The Commonwealth accords the right to free exploitation of the second world of the Iruotl system, Chudimyen.
    • The world is considered to be loaned to the State indefinitely, in good faith.
    • The world may be mined freely and/or used as the site of refugee camps and ship services, so long as it is not ruptured or broken into space debris posing a serious risk to the inhabited worlds of the system.
    • Aerospace security will be provided by the Astral Vanguard. The refugee settlements have a right to self-defense, but may not operate anti-orbital or interplanetary weapons while the Commonwealth claims neutrality.
Namely, the Molecular Furnace which would greatly improve resource efficiency in the Free State.

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