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IVP (Inverted Vector Pocket) System

The IVP, or Inverted Vector pocket is an advanced space compression system that evolved from the rv-i_vectran_node_system_vns system found predominately upon the [iromakuanhe:raevr_vandr]] that creates artificial displacements in three-dimensional space and nestles them inside of a realspace pocket, allowing the system to generate stable MASC loops which cannot be physically assaulted by the enemy, but opened at will by the controlling unit. This allows for the storage of a large number of missiles without the difficulties posed by bulky missile pods and can allow for the carrying of handheld weapons and various utilities as needed. The IVP is notable in that it cannot be assaulted by physical weapons or disabled by anti-FTL countermeasures, and if the pocket is temporarily closed by a system failure, the motion of the contents inside of the MASC loop will keep the pocket from collapsing for several years, and can be reopened if the system remembers the calibration it had previously. However, an unshielded pocket can be penetrated by transphasic weapons and inserted objects too large to be stored may be deconstructed at the molecular level.

The system has intense power demands, often being too energy-intensive to be mounted on anything smaller than a VANDR.

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