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Solanii "IroCom" Personal Computer

The Solan Starworks “IroCom” is a civilian personal computer designed for data storage and transfer, Commonwealth Communications Grid access, clerical work, and other similar functions… including, of course, gaming. It is, like many other Solanii creations, made from recyclable bioplastics. When online, the functions of the IroCom - described below - can be accessed and controlled both through the volumetric screen, and through the integrated keyboard. Most functions can also be controlled through the neural interface.

Dimensions and Appearance


  • Length: 13“ / 32.5 cm
  • Width: 8” / 20 cm
    • Thickness: 3“ / 7.6 cm
  • Mass: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg


The IroCom, when offline, appears as a thin, rounded, rectangular box with deeply curved edges. A single switch is visible in this state, on the upper left corner of the device: to engage it, one presses this switch down. Either side of the device holds eight 'slots' for additional memory cards, or future hard upgrades that may be offered. When online, the 'top' folds open, revealing the semi-circular tactile keypad and the volumetric projector. Though the IroCom can be ordered in colors specified by the purchaser, the default color scheme is dark blue with brass keys and gold trim.

Functions and Components

Volumetric Projector

The volumetric projector projects a screen of a variable size and color (both determined by the user, to a maximum dimension of 18” x 18“) while the IroCom is offline. At the discretion of the user, an opaque screen may also be used to protect his privacy.


The IroCom's keypad consists of three semi-circular rows of keys, containing the necessary characters for typing as well as simple functions for the device such as altering the dimensions, brightness, and color of the screen, engaging the entry port interface, volume controls, and other aesthetics.

The IroCom offers fully functional access to, for both fronting and diving. One can access the network through the tactile keypad and volumetric screen, or through the neural interface that is included standard with the device. The device is wireless, but if the user prefers, it can be linked to via a hard cable instead.

Neural Interface

The IroCom boasts a neural interfacing system which uses all four ports at the base of the neck to immerse the user in the device's functionality. While so interfaced, the user has access to both online and offline functions of the device, and can 'type' or access other functions by thought rather than tactile input. While the user is interfaced, the volumetric screens disengage, and the user enters a trance-like state. A few users are able to maintain awareness of their surroundings while interfaced, but it is uncommon.


The default Operating System for the IroCom is open-source, and designed to be streamlined and simple, allowing easy access to all the necessary functions - though it is also somewhat restrictive, and for this reason professionals (and hackers) often make extensive changes to it. The IroCom comes preloaded with an expansive office tools suite, including word processing, spreadsheets, accounting tools, graphing tools, a calculator, and other staples of such things. It additionally comes pre-loaded with video, photo, and sound editing software. The IroCom is not preloaded with anything else, but thanks to it can download virtually any program the user has a need for.


By default, the IroCom has 1.024 petabyte of permanent storage. This can be easily increased, for a modest price.

Additional Storage

Additional permanent memory can be purchased in the form of inserted 256 terabyte cards that fit into any of the sixteen ports on the side of the IroCom. These cards can also be used to make hard transfers from one computer to another, when one does not with to use (or can't use) the network to transfer data.

Power Supply

The IroCom is powered by an organic battery, with an expected life of 36 hours during normal use. It can also plug in (to recharge or as a static power source) through a retractable cable, and run indefinitely when powered that way.

Carrying Case

An optional leather carrying case can be purchased to protect, and improve the portability of, the IroCom Personal Computer.


  • Main Device: 400 KD
  • Memory Card: 20 KD
  • Carrying Case: 50 KD

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