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Khuyunii Sweetstones

Khuyunii Sweetstones are a confectionery hard candy created, and sold throughout the Astral Commonwealth. The sweetstones are made like any typical hard candy including a basic series of fruit derived flavors, and even those such as caramel, butterscotch, sour citrus flavors and beyond. While they are considered candy the producers go to great lengths to ensure that there is some nutrional value to be had from them. As such they are given a balance of vitamins and minerals and have a lower sugar content which is offset by naturally derived artificial sweeteners introduced in small amounts to ensure the sweetness is intact.

  • Popular Flavors:
  • Produced by: Khuyun's Best Candy (a subsidiary of the Sogol Group)


  • 1/8 lbs: 1 KD
  • 1 lbs: 3 KD
  • 4 lbs: 10 KD

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