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Solanii Linksuit

The Linksuit is the standard duty outfit worn by the pilots, frame runners and armored troopers. Its most recent version was designed and released in AR 913.

The Linksuit is an essential device for any prolonged usage of VANDR-type weapon platforms, and acts in tandem with the craft's NI core to create a psychological buffer between the pilot and their craft. Processing trillions of equations and saturated with sensory data, accessing the nervous system of a VANDR can be a taxing experience for those who lack sufficient mental acuity or endurance. In addition, there is a worrying trend among pilots to eventually feel over-acclimated to the conditions of their craft and feel body image dislocation outside of the cockpit, which can eventually progress into full psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, megalomania, depression and berserker tendencies, which may require psychosurgical intervention and therapy to rectify.

Using a linksuit and a sympathetic NI, the user's psychogical state is stabilized and protected, and the user's own nervous system is insulated from shocks and disruptions experienced by their craft. The suit also acts as a G-suit, pressure suit and a skin of personal body armor against small arms, which allows pilots to survive exposure to vacuum or escapes from shallow depths (500m or less).

Armor Specifications

Nomenclature Information

Organization: Astral Vanguard Government: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Designer: Solan Starforges Manufacturer: Solan Starworks Name: Solanii Linksuit (So-SLS-13a) Type: Mass Production Vehicle Crew Protective Suit Role: Crew Protection, Psychological Protection Mass: 23.1 lbs Structual Points: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel


Solanii Pattern 131 Linksuit

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