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MOST DIGNIFIED Clothier and Barber

Owned by the famous Dhaka'lahme family who also founded BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands, MOST DIGNIFIED Clothier and Barber is a company that provides grooming and clothier services for lower-income and vagrant Iromakuanhe who choose not to maintain permanent homes. After his legendary multi-day, Slajatki-on-fueled bender Ediz Dhaka'lahme the First found himself naked, unwashed and in severe need to groom down the wild beard that had grown upon his face. No merchant or barber was willing to deal with him, postponing the foundation of his legendary kebab franchise by several days as he was eventually taken in by police.

Once his kebab empire was well on its rise, he invested funds in a series of mobile vendors that would give the services of a mobile shower, low-cost clothier and street barber all-in-one. MOST DIGNIFIED Clothier and Barber use small-scale molecular furnaces to print out clothing in variety of styles with simple color patterns to keep costs down, and have grooming stations and shower services that optionally include Prajna in the water to remove cuts and bruises from the skin and remove the appearance of sores and other blemishes. Water is continuously sterilized in the furnace to prevent the spread of disease and the vendors are subject to regular examination by Sogol Group oversight to ensure quality of service. Licensed operators often use the Ac-K1-1a Sehaya SandCrawler, but prefer to use local vehicles to not disrupt or draw too much attention given their preferred clientele.

Services are quite cheap in general, and the cloth used is very comfortable though meant to last just a few months before it begins to fray and go threadbare. Many of these trucks have contracts with local government to provide their services for free to the homeless, particularly mendicant clergy and artists, in exchange for tax breaks and subsidies as part of wider urban and social renewal programs.

Due to the success of BEST KEBABS in foreign territory, the company is tentatively considering forays into other nations, particularly the slums of Nepleslia if the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia would be open to contracts.

Management Style: Licensing Guild/Charitable Organization

  • Grooming: Pricing is unisex, although quality of service varies by vendor.
    • Haircut: 20 KD. Cutting of the head hair only.
    • Shave: 12 KD. Trimming of facial hair down to the neckline (not no further), and on request, shaping of eyebrows.
    • Cut and Shave: 30 KD. Both above, discounted.
    • Cut, Shave and Wash: 35. Hair and face are washed after cutting.
    • Facial: 20 KD. Treatment of face with microbial tonics and moisturizers to help undo damage from corrosive dirt and sun.
    • Shower: 10 KD. Approximately 5 minutes under hot, running water. Prajna treatment is free.
  • Clothing: Clothing is priced by complexity and materials, since the printing process bypasses labor costs. It takes approximately 2 minutes for every 5 KD of cost.
    • Tunic/Dress: A simple tunic or dress, all in one piece of cloth.
    • Summer Clothes: 5 KD. Light pants, shorts or skirt and T-Shirt, as a set.
    • Winter Clothes: 11 KD. Thick pants or skirt and sweater, as a set.
    • Underwear: 4 KD for bottoms only, in breezy, protective/supportive or insulating styles. Undershirt or bra is an extra 6 KD, with the same costs. Socks or stockings are an extra 2 KD.
    • Weather Wear: 30 KD. Light coats, ponchos or sun hats to beat hot or rainy weather.
    • Heavy Weather Wear: 60 KD. Thick coats to deal with heavy inclement weather and subzero temperatures. On Mazerin vendors include extra insulation and gas masks to acclimate the air for free.
    • Accessories: 16 KD. Belts, bags, scarves and other basic equipment, one apiece.
    • Special Treatments: 30 KD. Ventilation, waterproofing and light dispersal are available at low cost, added to the production of any garment. Certain modifications may be free depending on the region.

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