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Naryn Industries

Company Statistics
Established AR 899 (BYE 19)
Employees 88, 440
Associated FactionsAstral Commonwealth
Nomenclature IDNrn-

About Naryn

“Extending your reach to meet your grasp.”

Naryn Industries is an upstart weapons and robotics manufacturer in the Commonwealth's sphere that has been on the rise for the past few decades. Unlike Solan, which produces seamless combination of conventional solid-state 'hardtech' and biologically-derived 'biotech', Naryn specializes exclusively in the former. Distinguishing itself in a market of mediocre and archaic powder-cartridge hand weapons and cheap, semi-licensed Solanii knock-offs, the company has gone on to be one of the more recent and impressive corporate success stories in Iromakuanhe history.

Naryn specializes mostly in firearms and combat gear aimed at paramilitary security forces, but also designs a wide range of security automatons ranging from mobile turrets, to complex mechanical assistants, hulking workloaders and security robots designed for riot control purposes. Their products are mostly popular with law enforcement and corporate security, because their weapons lack the strict penetrative overkill of Solanii laser rifles and pistols, and are cheaper and nearly as reliable.

With tensions current running high and many corporations readying themselves to break into foreign markets, Naryn has only worked harder to saturate the security and self-defense markets with their unique and complex weapons.

Corporate Goals

  • To provide cutting edge 'hardtech' systems for use by law enforcement and paramilitary forces.
  • To develop increasingly sophisticated high-technology weapons suited to the information-saturated urban environments in which they are used.
  • To eventually break into contracts with the Commonwealth government, culminating in the adoption of their weapons by the Astral Vanguard.


  • Administration
  • Materials R&D
  • Defense Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering



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