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Iromakuanhe Needed Technology Guide

Submission Rules

In general, Iromakuanhe technology is sleek, organic and comfortable. Because of their contented, leisurely lives and aesthetic preferences, most Iromakuanhe vessels are smooth and organic pieces of art that combine art deco and the natural forms of the desert and sea, punctuated by glowing blue channels and beam weapon recesses. For the most part, their designs lack the kind of rough-hewn utilitarianism common to other nations, due to the nature of their technology and a lessened need for heavily modularized mass produced war machines.

For military starships, the use of Organoid-type Substructure is a must, as is the usage of common technologies of Solan Starworks. The current preference is one that uses lasers and accurate tertiary and secondary batteries and as point defense weapons, while spinal or turreted particle beam weapons are used to strike the enemy once they are in range. Armor is typically lighter than most, so most designs have a heavy reliance on mobility and misdirection.

  • It must specifically conform to the Viable Industry Act.
  • It must generally utilize the technologies available to the Iromakuanhe, though justifiable offshoots are acceptable.
  • If you have to think about whether or not it's big enough to ask Exhack about it, just ask him.

List by Type


Mecha and Light Craft

  • Standard shuttle


  • Prajna gel
  • Drug that physically overclocks the brain

Weapons and Combat Gear

  • Civilian hunting rifle
  • Civilian handgun
  • Some kind of concealable laser cane sword. A la Solanii Laiz Faelraig.
  • Some kind of concealable holdout pistol that has a pepperbox design and is loaded with sixteen electrochemical darts in a metal storm design. Or bees.
  • A vortex ring gun.
  • Genetically engineered attack dogs. Or attack ram sheep, maybe. With cushioned heads so as to strike like beanbag rounds. By Altjira Biomedical
  • Genetically engineered hunting hawks. By Altjira Biomedical
  • Genetically engineered attack bees.
  • A surfboard sword infamously used by a sect of Eyr Ranr bandits.

Atmospheric Craft

  • Airships of many kinds.
  • A GE-based hovercar or bus
  • Tachikoma-like hovering spider trolleys used by kebab salesmen and street vendors. Their corresponding AI exist to prevent sexual harassment.
  • Fishing boats.
  • Hydrofoils that can fly.

Foods and Consumables

  • Popular shish taouk stands
  • Popular mobile hookah lounges
  • Popular gelato stands


  • Dream Consorts State sponsored, religious order of masseurs, caregivers and prostitutes. While not universally as such, most members are female, and all are trained to think and feel within both the male and female psyche.
  • Popular music. Mishara, Brass Sandrats, Linear Paradise, Fried Runyaens, and many more.
  • Popular television. Gameshows, dramas and news. Plenty of philosophical talkshows and classical theater productions. Mecha shows/dramas? Period dramas.
  • Sexuality – A Lot.

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