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PASD (Particle Swarm Detonation) Missile

Akin to an exploding cloud of locusts, the PASD is a largely organic missile employed by the Iromakuanhe in short-to-medium ranged combat. It is light, fast, highly maneuverable and ideal for firing en masse. While it can be easily outrun by most units employing more advanced propulsion systems, it is nonetheless an excellent tool in strafing combat and ambushes. When deployed, the PASDs surround themselves in charged particle fields, allowing them to penetrate defenses and giving them an odd sort of blue particle trail. On impact, they detonate into a small blast of high energy charged particles, inflicting respectable damage to most targets.

In addition to missile functionality, these are also used as mobile mines, where they can remain dormant for up to one month. The PASD drones lie in wait, and when their sensors are activated, they immediate dart towards the object. Objects with friendly IFF transponders are ignored.

Onboard systems include a small non-sentient or sapient brain, thermal, motion and IFF sensors, a lower end particle accelerator STL propulsion system and the charged particle generator, giving them the total size of a one foot long bottle of water. As an advanced organic system, PASD launchers can replenish themselves over time, but with certain limitations. The laws of conservation of mass and energy apply, limiting this to few extra salvos, unless assisted by a harvest of compatible biomass or a highly concentrated nutrient solution.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Heavy Anti-Armor, Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Anti-Shield Salvo Size: 9 Damage: T6, Electrical Damage

Range: 25KM in Atmosphere, 15 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 8 Seconds Area of Effect: .5 Meters Muzzle Velocity: Mach 6 in Atmosphere, .2c in Space Ammunition 72 Missiles Ammo Replenish: Can refill capacity in hospitable conditions in about 2 hours outside of combat. Any further attempts to refill will require an external source of biomass.

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