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Prajna Gel

Prajna Gel was designed early on in AR 936 to compliment battlefield medicines such as Prajna. While not as potent its capabilities mainly lie within being able to sustain lifesigns until proper medical treatment can be applied.


While no one doubts Prajna's healing capabilities, Solan Starworks had been exploring means of improving its overall regenerative ability. While direct methods of enhancing the symbiotes proved there was room for improvement it did not however show improvement within the area they had hoped. Instead after months of genetic re-sequencing they'd produced a more viscous variety of prajna within a semi-gelatinous form.


This 'Prajna-Gel' produces essential amino acids and protein forms as it cannibalized dead tissues around an open wound in which to work with. The purpose for the cannibalization was two fold, to clean the wound, and to fuel its already modest regenerative process as it excited cellular regeneration. Prajna-Gel works much like a liquid bandage with a few exceptions however. Fibroblasts are formed along the wound upon initial application with collagen strands forming afterward which provide a 'guide' for the cells to regrow. Even if the gel itself is destroyed by some foreign toxin these guides remain in place allowing the gel to re-propagate within the area as the body continues to work along them minimalizing downtime.

The outer most layer of the opaque gel forms a slightly permeable mass akin to scar tissue. The outer layer seals the affected area also helping to protect from impacts and the outside environment. Interior layers do much the same job as Prajna but fills the wound cavity to a certain depth. It works to seal the wound internally to prevent further bleed out while gradually receding as it consumes itself to help rebuild damaged or destroyed soft tissues. The gel will need to reapplied on the effected area unless more suitable treatment can be found as it will either be gradually absorbed or degrade. Prajna Gel's uses do not merely stop at open wounds but also major bruises, sprains or internal bleeding. While it can be applied to the area it will seep in through the epidermal layer where it begins to perform repairs. The process is much slower then normal Prajna as it has to pass through multiple cell walls, but it can serve to stave off further injury until more efficient medical facilities can be found. As before the outer layer forms into a solid mass that is more dense then the norm as the viscous symbiotic substance forces its way through to begin basic regeneration of the injury.

This denser mass is much tougher as a result and could be constructed as a sort of short lived 'cast' that helps to support the injured portions of a patient's body. Overall the gel is merely a stopgap measure if liquid prajna is in short supply or proper medical facilities cannot be found.

Alternate Varieties

The standard variety does not come with a blended in painkiller however there are at least two known types that do. One comes with a more 'standard' pain medication for treatment of light to mild injuries while another comes with a heavy duty pain killer. The effects of which can numb the area while providing a pleasant sensation to the injured person to ease the panic and pain that comes with extensive injury.


Prajna-Gel is easily applied to a given area. All one needs to do is open the container and apply liberally as needed. On contact with bodily fluids (blood) it will immediately begin to work by filling the wound cavity. As a topically applied agent the gel works much the same with the exception of having to penetrate the epidermal layers of the skin and then cellular walls to reach the interior of the body and subsequently the soft tissues. It will however form a dense somewhat pliable 'cast' around the applied area that can provide some protection against jarring or impacts.

Further Notes

Healing Statistics
Injury Severity Type Time Required
Minor Small Cuts, Bruises 1.5-9 Minutes
Light Glancing Strikes, Cuts, Cracked Ribs, Sprains 18-54 Minutes
Moderate Gunshot Wounds, Light Burns, Stab Wounds 3-9 Hours
Severe Severe Burns, Fractures, Gashes 18-54 Hours
Extreme Loss of Limb, Disembowelment, Hemorrhaging 9-18 Days

Note: When coupled with standard Prajna injections the standard Prajna's efficiency is increased by 25-45% depending upon injury.

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