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Solanii Polymorphic Situation Grenades

Polymorphic Situation Grenades or PSGs are mass produced by the Solan Starworks is an infantry based weapon used to eliminate multiple, or heavy armored opponents. Its best feature is the fact that it has three different settings based on the need of the user.


  • Type: Grenades
  • Role: Close Support Explosives
  • Inventor: Rakras Design Team

Weapon Specs:

  • Length: 18cm
  • Weight: .65kg


See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Charge Particle

The Charged Particle Grenade features a containment system that stores a moderate amount of high energy charged particles which have negative effects on the nervous systems of creatures, and upon electronics. Generally the effect dissipates within two to three minutes. Within that time it can cause severe pain to organics and disrupt sensors within fifteen meter radius. In some cases, a person can be burned by the charged particles, typically a first degree burn, or in some cases second degree burn. They can carry characteristics of both electrical, and radiation burns. If no burn is present, but pain persists, this is typically attributed to nerve damage or disruption of the nerve's electrochemical responses.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Electronic
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Sensor
  • Damage:N/A
  • Range: As far as the user can throw. Has a blast radius of fifteen meters
  • Payload String of six, or individual.
  • Price: 1,000 KD/grenade


A simple grenade using a bright flash of light and high pitched sound to incapacitate the enemy. The flash of light momentarily activates all light sensitive cells in the eye, making vision impossible for about five seconds until the eye restores itself to its normal, unstimulated state this can vary however. The incredibly loud blast produced by the grenade adds to its incapacitating properties, inducing mild confusion.

  • Primary Purpose: Incapacitation, Confusion
  • Secondary Purpose: none
  • Damage: Sensory overload of the eyes, and ears. (Blindness and Deafness) Limited duration, varies.
  • Range: As far as the user can throw. Has a blast radius of seven meters
  • Payload Hand held.
  • Price: 315 KD/grenade

High Explosive (HE)

The HE Grenade is made of a soft, yet slightly durable plastic-like material. Inside of the HE is a high-yield plastic explosive that is electronically detonated, yet inert against heat, charged particles and concussive force. This is form of explosive was chosen for its effectiveness as well as safety, chosen as well for the varying factors and environments it maybe used within. You simply twist the grenade to prime it and then press the detonator to begin the 3-second countdown. Or press the detonator twice in rapid succession for it to detonate upon impact.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-personnel
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-armor
  • Damage: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel
  • Range: As far as the user can throw. Lethal within five meters, maximum lethality within fifteen meters.
  • Payload Hand held.
  • Price: 540 KD/grenade

Operations Guide

To properly utilize the Solanii Grenades one simply must twist the grenade to prime the charge, and press the detonator button located on the top. One press of the button activates a three second delay before detonation. However, this can be over-ridden by two quick presses of the button, back to back which in turn causes the grenade to detonate upon impact. It is advised the purchaser read the manual included with any of the grenades, to learn of their capabilities so as to operate them safely, and without incident.



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