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SCPA (Sniper Charged Particle Accelerator) Cannon

The Sniper Charged Particle Accelerator, or SCPA Cannon, is a next generation weapons system designed to be employed by rear support and stealth VANDR-type units for psychological warfare. To remain as stealthy as possible, the weapon only gradually retrieves particles from the air, giving it a dramatically slower recharge time. The matter is then excited and given an electrical charge before being fed into a MASC-based linear catapult. It is then fired out, at velocities that are significantly greater than most CPA-type weapons, where it inflicts heavy damage to most targets. Unlike most Iromakuanhe particle weapons, the SCPA does not have any kind of splash damage, instead trading it for increased accuracy and penetrative power. It is very effective versus conventional materials, and disrupts shielding and electronic systems thanks to the charged properties of the particles.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Medium Anti-Mecha, Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Anti-Shield Damage: T8, Electrical Damage

Range: 20 KM in Atmosphere, 60 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: One blast every 4 seconds of charging Area of Effect: .5 Meters Muzzle Velocity: .50c Ammunition 180 Particle Shots, Replenishes completely after 30 Minutes out of combat

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