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Standard Communal Bathrooms

Communal Bathrooms are a way of life in the Astral Vanguard, where conservation of space and the strengthening of esprit de corps eschew segregation of the sexes in bathing spaces. Done in the typical Iroma architectural style, with tans and brown hues, but with added aesthetics to also put the crew at ease, to relax, and promote a sense of contentment. Mosaics tend to run along the walls in sections, and floors, done in a plethora of colors that are visually appealing, yet blend with the overall look and coloration of the bathroom. Tile runs along the walls, and floors of the bathrooms, giving it an alternate feel in terms of standard internal Iromakuanhe compartment designing as well.

Along the walls are rows of shower stalls, with drains that allow water to pass through a centralized BHS. Made of the same tile material as the room, the stalls also include small wall alcoves for holding bathing essentials. Also usually within the bathrooms are mid-sized baths. These are filled with warm, preheated water that contain a small amount of a Prajna variant that eats away at dead skin cells, mends minor cuts, and assists in the cleansing process by breaking down some of the dirt. Water is drained into the same centralized BHS as the showers, and refreshed every ten minutes.

Once bathing is done, and everyone is refreshed and clean, they can go into a small section of the bathroom designed for relaxation after their bathing and a place to 'air dry'. Pillows are strewn about where one may sit, or lounge, along with sheer fabric drapes to block out the steam of the other section of the bathroom. The floors are carpeted and are soft, and plush, not the hard tile of the main bathroom section. While one dries themselves, they can chat, and enjoy each others company while sharing a communal hookah, usually situated in the center of the section where a ring of cushions and pillows are setup.

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