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Vector Field Impact Effector (VeFIE) Missile

The Vector Field Impact Effector is a strategic weapon used by the Astral Vanguard for anti-planetary and anti-starbase operations. The weapon system is designed entirely for strategic warfare, something the Iromakuanhe are entirely loath to resort to, but functions as a necessary component of the Astral Vanguard's military capacity. VeFIE missiles mount large distortion field generators with a highly purified Veyrinite core that allows it to efficiently to convert local zero-point extants into kinetic force, thereby accelerating mass in the area and applying incredible shear and compressive stresses onto it. As mass is compressed, warped and shorn away by the generated forces, it also generates waste heat through friction as well as light (and more rarely hard radiation).

When struck starship hulls buckle and internal sections may experience severe material fatigue, making the weapon just as dangerous to a ship's long-term survival as in the short-term. Zesuaium is notably immune to the worst effects of a field impact weapon (although surrounding hull and internals are often not) and Yamataium is able to repair the long-term superstructure wear. The weapon is however primarily intended for strategic bombardment of planetary areas and the safe demolition of large space hazards such as asteroids. Comparable to a strategic nuclear warhead, unhardened city structures caught in a VeFIE detonation tend to be catastrophically flattened at the point of impact, with severe damage to the environment up to three and a half kilometers out. Unpowered or mechanized infantry and wildlife tend to experience deleterious effects such as ruptured eardrums, bruising, broken limbs and lacerations (caused by displaced debris) up to seven kilometers from the point of impact.

Location: Starship Spinal Mount Purpose: Strategic Bombardment Secondary: Anti-Starship/Anti-Formation Salvo Size: 1 Damage: Tiers 13 through 15, Light Anti-Capital Ship through Heavy Anti-Capital Ship (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which), Kinetic

Range: 3 Light-Seconds Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 23 Seconds Area of Effect (Catastrophic): 1000 Meters Area of Effect (Secondary): 3500 Meters Area of Effect (Tertiary): 7000 Meters Muzzle Velocity: .25c Ammunition 12 Missiles

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