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Kuvexian Military Equipment

The Kuvexian Military is a highly advanced military force equivalent to the Star Army of Yamatai and uses an extensive array of military equipment.

Standard Issue Items

This set of items is provided to all Kuvexian soldiers, regardless of rank and status.

  • Chain necklace
    • ID tag, stamped metal
    • Capsule containing a suicide tablet
  • Kuvexian Army Field Uniform
  • Field Shoes (See: Kuvexian Military Footwear)
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Backpack
  • Belt
    • Field Utility Combat Knife
    • Basic Communicator
    • Rain poncho
    • Flashlight
  • Helmet with head lamp (think caving)
  • Thick flannel overcoat

Power Armors


  • Kuvexian Army Duty Uniform (purple)
  • Armored Vest
  • Weapon
    • 3-point sling
  • Bag
  • Scout Drone
  • 2 Homing Grenades
  • Personal Medical Kit
    • Bandage
    • Canister of Healing Foam
  • Wrist watch communicator with wireless earbud and compass
  • Baby wipes
  • Binoculars
  • Energy Bars
  • Datapad with navigation/positioning system
  • (NVGs?) not sure they need them due to their sensitive eyes
  • Carabineers
  • Goggles

Food Supplies

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