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Lorath Matriarchy

The Lorath are a humanoid race with bird-like wings. Not many can fly though, due to their exile of 50,000 years underground. It was only recently that they have resurfaced, and taken back the world from the Helashio. Through the bloody conflict, the Lorath were able to coerce their will upon the above world race. The race that had lost became the Lorath's slaves, serving those that they had driven out from fear so long ago.

The Lorath are Nepleslian in appearance (Except for the Bird-like wings, and the varying heights). Although they mostly look human, there are features which differentiate the Lorath from 'human'-like lifeforms. House Fyunnen, or the warrior house, are very imposing. Usually ranging in areas of six and a half to seven feet in height, they are in every aspect a solid muscle. House Llamnel are the middle of the two, a decent height and a decent build from being in nature for so long, doing the more laboring tasks of the race. House Occhesta Tur'lista on the other hand, is the smallest and physically weakest of the race. But making up for their small stature, none can match the Psionics house in matters of technology or diplomacy. House Occhesta was the primary supplier of technology for the race.

Lorath Emblem - YE 28 to Present

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Occhestian Republic Mini-Flag:

About the Lorath

Reference Materials

Character Creation Guide

Are you currently creating a Lorath character?

Positions Available

  • Private ship captains
  • LSDF personnel
  • Former UOC personnel
  • Other positions available depending on current plot situation

Posting Time Frame

  • At the Moment, SP has been disbanded unless otherwise noted.
  • JP's are done sporadically.
  • Maximum time frame between posts before character is pruned: Over 9000 hours

Application and Contacting

When making a Lorath, please contact DocTomoe on Star Army IRC, or through forum PM.


  • Past Online RP Experience
  • Availability During 'Evening Hours' According to US Timezones
  • Ideally Over The Age of 18
  • Moderate Degree Of Patience

Lorath Artistic Renditions

Fyunnen - 'Fate' Sketched Example of Lmanel

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