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Lorath Player Q&A

:!: WIP: This article is for the purpose of easily interactive correspondence between the Faction Manager and Players.


Lorath players and members of the community with questions and topics which have a need to be addressed, as well as suggestions, may post here. Please elaborate as much as you can upon your question, request, or topic of discussion so a proper response may be rendered.

  • Question 1: What are the laws of the Lorath Matriarchy?
  • Question 2: Are there any social rules or taboos that exist outside of the law? If so what are they?
  • Question 3: Are there any topics that are particularly important to the Lorath as a race?
  • Question 4: Are there any noteworthy locations on Lor?
  • Question 5: Can foreigners apply for Matriarchy Citizenship?
  • Question 6: What rights are afforded to a Matriarchy Citizen?
  • Question 7: What rights do non-citizens have when visiting Lorath space?
  • Question 8: What rights do non-citizen workers have in Lorath space?
  • Question 9: How do Lorath feel about foreigners attempting to integrate with Lorath society such as wearing local fashion?


This is where a Lorath Faction Manager will provide responses to questions posted, and provide links to solutions.

OOC Notes

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