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History and Background

As interest in the WINTER series grew, their public release was held back due to trade secrets and the required level of training. However, with the war, the Universal Manufacturing Company saw it would be profitable to produce a version that is usable not only by Lorath pilots which may be adjusted to suit whatever the needs of the pilot.

About the Yuneron

The Yuneron frame benefits from the experience of Yamataian and Nepleslian armor pilots used to smaller systems. Adjustments on their feedback lead to some re-enforcement of the internal frame and use of much lighter armor materials alongside some basic performance tweaks which leave the frame slower out of the box but far far more forgiving and accommodating of foreign combat styles for which the AMX series weren't designed. Likewise, dexterity has been improved at the cost of some atmospheric mobility.

The Yuneron doesn't include many weapons by default but is intended to have the pilot pick and mix weapons, thrusters and various other systems which can be bolted into the frame, externally or packaged together. Likewise, armor plating and shielding can also easily be exchanged within the hour for almost any system from any other platform.

Although the Yuneron is based on the Type 2 Winter, it was used as a developmental test-bed for many components to Type 3 hence it can effectively be thought of as “2.5”.

One of the main goals, aside basic performance, was to make sure the Yuneron was not only rugged but also easy to repair, modify and very affordable. It lacks many of the features seen in the Winter line though the smaller profile and lighter weight help make up for this.

Should a Winter truly be required, an arrangement may be reached.



Government: UOC Organization: Public Type: Ultra-Light Frame (equivalent heavy powered-armor)

Production & Design

Original Designation: UOC-YUNERON-02 Designer: Manufacturer: Various Production: Bulk, On Demand


Width: 1.2 Meter Height: 4 - 4.5 Meters Mass: 320 Lbs


Ground speed: 917 MPH (Thruster assist) Air speed: Mach 4.2 (Interception) Air speed: Mach 1.3 (Cruising configuration) Zero Atmosphere: .425c Maneuverability: High

Range: Interplanetary Lifespan: 12 weeks without maintenance, with a functional expectation of 10 years through upgrade cycles.

Weapons Systems

Note:The following items are standard for the Yuneron when purchased from the manufacturer, alternative after-market systems can be applied.


Left Primary Forearm Component Slot

Integrated “M'Cel” 40/30mm Grenade Launcher type launcher, includes a muzzle-loadable grappling hook system with electric winch.

Right Primary Forearm Component Slot

'Deviance' Shotgun Gatling, can be chambered to 16, 14, 12, and 10 gauge bores.

Back and Chest Defensive Module

Available from United Manufacturing Cooperative and affiliated production facilities, NovaCorp Electrolaser Rifle in defensive configuration

Alternatively, buyers with military equipment certification can replace the Electrolaser module with a Lorath Plasma Arc Disruptor vent system.


Primary Arm Usable

Secondary Arm Usable 'Duster' Machine Pistol

Utility Items

Paa-Zem Edition Tool System adapted for Yuneron use.

Systems Descriptions

Movable Frame:

Serving as the internal structure, the Movable frame consists of the following:

Primary Structure

Changes: Rather than entirely isolate the pilot (as WINTER does) Yuneron instead takes an exoskeletal approach to reduce its profile and make the overall system lighter. The cockpit is now a padded area down the torso of the Yuneron with interface elements based around neural use and physical hand-controls in the elbows. Likewise, the feet of a pilot now reach the knees of the Yuneron as opposed to isolating the pilot in the torso alone. The head of the pilot now also fills the head of the armor.

This reduces the vertical profile of the armor quite substantially meaning it is now able to maneuver in confined spaces Winter could not access at the cost of making the machine more susceptible to kinetic energy penetrators should the exoskeletal armor be compromised.

  • Cockpit - Based on the Interface Hive technology, the interior of the Yuneron is protectively padded. Enclosed around the pilot to provide a safe atmosphere, the consists of points and joints in a polygonal form comparable to a honey-comb (see Structural Meshing). One size fits all as the hive is able to stretch, tighten, loosen, provide motion feedback, soften and even harden all for protection of the pilot. Within each “honey comb”, a liquid based display screen screen and protective cushioning are suspended beneath a gel sheath which provides comfort for the pilot. Unlike the Winter, the protective hive cannot be isolated and ejected in a basic emergency.

Structural Layering System

A “skin” like system akin to weaving fabric through the machine, structural layering acts as muscle, energy management, internal structure and externally as a flexible armored hide. It provides anti-gravitational functionality and can handle quite a beating. Sockets beneath the outer-layer typically plugged can be used to mount external exoskeletal plating which is recommended. This can be done by the UMC though it is insisted the customer pick a basic look as the external plating will define the look of the machine.

Structural Points: 15


  • Bacterial Charge Packs - These power cells deliver power to the Yuneron's less demanding systems such as computing systems, life support, and communication systems.
  • Miniature Antimatter Reactor - Provides power to the majority of the Yuneron's systems.
  • External Power Source socket - The Yuneron is able to attach itself to an external power source through the use of a 50 yard stonethread and structural mesh lined power cable. It can draw power or provide it for other units and systems in case of emergency.

Pilot Systems


  • Life Support Systems - Provides protection and a breathable environment. Includes a water-lung and tube-system to feed/hydrate the pilot and a liquid and solid waste sanitization, disposal and recycling system. The breathable environment is also doctored to administer drugs to the pilot (for example, preventing shock, bleedout, etc). There is enough air, water and food between two weeks to one month of frugal use (if the pilot eats a full meal or water is collected via the body, the existing matter can be ejected and the filtration system started over, resetting the air/water/food limits). It is suggested to pilots that they lower the lower half of their uniform, or open ports of skin-tight uniforms to allow for the waste disposal enclosure to be sealed into place properly.
  • Ejection/Escape mechanism - In the event of a failure of the Yuneron's systems, the pilot can be ejected inside a protective armored piloting suit. The backpack includes basic plasmic thruster reserve, backup power for up to 6 months of emergency mode and the sub-space coil with enough charge to plot two jumps. The portions of the thighs containing hand-held weaponry and cargo are also ejected with the pilot. The armored piloting suit is typically suitable for re-entry into most atmospheres with the thrusters to slow the descent.
  • Enhanced Neural Interface System - A complex neural interface system, able to monitor both existing neural patterns and active brainwaves to detect neurological activity and emergent patterns. The system works by recognizing pilot intent, coupled with motor activity to produce a desired outcome and also feeds information directly to the pilot. Information is then sent back via manipulation of brainwaves and neuro-electrical stimulus that feed information directly to the pilot, from the onboard ARIA. The experience is likened to “sensing a ghost in the system”. A good synopsis: Act Without Doing .

Though the software is setup for a Lorath intelligence, with some basic use the system learns to adapt.

  • Augmented Combat Awareness Onboard ARIA produces a high-speed strategic model of the battlefield then feeds it back to the pilot via the neural interface, granting a clear image of what is happening in three dimensions with a direct understanding of distance and scale previously unavailable due to the limitations of the humanoid mind by providing relative comparisons and forging new neural pathways by educating the pilot psionically. It should be noted that Yamataian pilots would not gain many benefits in regard to utilizing the system, considering their computerized brain structure. Continued use of the system will refine organic pilot capabilities over time and will improve reaction times and reflexive responses to tactical situations.

Avionics & Data


  • ARIA - An extremely sophisticated and powerful neurological starship ship control system & processing engine available in both a humanoid and non-humanoid form.Responsible for the majority of a Yuneron's cognitive, psionic analysis and information processing capabilities. For more in depth information regarding the ARIA, see ARIA Ship Control System
  • Neural Gel System - Acts as an off-set and emergency backup.

Communication & Data Exchange

  • Communications System Includes hyperspace, subspace, radio, laser, subspace laser, quantum, psionic transmission, wired,and touch-contact communications capabilities. 100% PANTHEON compatible.
  • Starship Independent Navigation System Able to identify it's current location and plot navigation paths for STL and FTL routes, taking into account strategic intel. This makes the unit ideal for deep-penetration and assault missions.
  • Diagnostic and repair System - Able to recognize software/hardware intrusion and seal hull breaches.
  • Soft Mounting Plugs - For mounting mission comprisable & disposable systems externally.


Included in the Yuneron are several sensor packages which are designed to provide the optimal range of sensor perception possible while maintaining a small size profile:

  • Conventional Sensor Systems - Includes Visual, IR, UV, Thermal, light-pulse and sonar. Provides bare minimum of sensor perception.
  • Multi-Space Monitoring System - Detects subspace/hyperspace, quantum, spacial and empathic disturbances. Broad spectrum. Serves as passive monitoring system.
  • Hyperspace - Able to monitor movements of armors and starships and plot courses based on distortions. Used for early warning & Intercept.
  • subspace pulse - Able to monitor objects moving at super-luminal speeds or subspace objects. Used for early warning & Intercept.
  • Quantum - Measuring m-brain stress and ambient subatomic systems. Able to detect unusual gravitational behavior and pinpoint hyperspace folds.
  • Dimensional - Able to pinpoint events such as aetheric tapping, TDD, transposition cannon discharges and pocket-dimension locations.

Propulsion Systems


X-102 Optimizations


  • Gravitational Manipulation - Reduces weight, allows low-energy consumption flight at low speeds.
  • Subspace Field Coil - Specially designed for vacuum combat: allows Yuneron to reach near-light speeds (.375c)
  • Mag Skimmers - Allows Yuneron to attach itself to surfaces or skim across the ground for high-mobility ground combat.
  • Rollers - Magnetically driven rollers which provide mobility on the ground. Used during low-power consumption and stealth ops.
  • Structural Locking system - Every joint of the Yuneron is capable of being locked into place to prevent jarring from impacts or by atmospheric friction.

Defensive & Tactical Systems

  • Full Spectrum Barrier System (FSBS) - Shielding solution. Provides a DR-4 defense while active. First strike survival capability.
  • Combined Shield System - A burst-shielding system, able to create a DR-6 for up to 20 seconds.
  • Psionic defense scrambler - Provides defense against psionic attack. Limits psionic communication to 20 meters.
  • Silent Running - By disengaging more complex systems and winding the power-systems down to minimal levels, the sensor output of the Yuneron drops dramatically to match ambient background levels - to the point where a Winter can only detect it via optical/audio cues, tracks, smoke, etc. This is ideal for gaining first-strike capability or vanishing from sensors if combined with proper stealth technique. Unfortunately, this denies the Yuneron flight, limiting it to capabilities similar to those of most standard Nepleslian armors (rollers, basic movement, climbing, etc).


  • Wire Anchors/grappling hooks - Launched from the index knuckle or under-side wrist of the arms, these wire anchors can be set to either penetrate a target with razor-sharp nerinium prongs, to wrap and grapple a target or to release slowly and form a hook in place of a prong. The number of uses is immense, particularly within an atmosphere. The wires are DR3 though they are incredibly resilient to stretching and heavy loads and will not buckle without the use of energy weapons or highly specialized cutting equipment.
  • Tactical Surpression Gel - A new type of round for the Subspace assisted rail-cannon, Tactical gel rounds are another result of structol technology. Upon hitting a target, the solid round decompresses to form a gel solution which then splashes over a target and hardens into a complex metalloid composite. Tactical gel rounds are DR3 and are incredibly resilient to stretching and heavy loads and will not buckle without use of energy weapons or highly specialized cutting equipment.

OOC Information

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