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LSDF Cryosupport Chambers

A feature of Lorath design aboard modern spacecraft and in remote installations, the cryosupport chamber is intended to serve as a location in which cryonicly preserved individuals are stored until they are needed. Cryosupport chambers can range from small rooms intended to hold a single squad, to vast chambers intended to hold an infantry brigade or armor wing. Cryosupport chambers store personnel in life-support pods which are kept in various positions that include being suspended from ceilings, placed in recesses in bulkheads, or even stored on large shelf-like racks. Adjoined to each cryosupport chamber is a medical room where an assigned medical officer can conduct routine checks on preserved individuals, or process awakened individuals to confirm that their awakening process has left them unharmed. Cryosupport chambers have their own life support systems, power supplies, emergency bulkheads, and force field generators to ensure that individuals who are preserved are protected in their vulnerable state. Cryosupport chambers can only be accessed through a vault style hatch which includes a full range of Lorath locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized admittance.

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