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LSDF Gambling Establishments

A cornerstone of entertainment and recreation, gambling establishments designed for installation on ships and installations are intended to optimize entertainment, while providing a range of various forms of play for patrons. Gambling establishments differ in size, design, and game compliment, and can be scaled to fit in a wide range of allotted compartment spaces.

Small Gambling Compartment

Designed to provide the bare minimum of gambling entertainment, small gambling compartments are intended to be installed in events where minimum space is allotted for such a facility. Small gambling compartments can be as small as a five meter by five meter space, which can include a pair of bulkhead integrated electronic multi-game machines, along with a broadcast receiver and bet transaction machine which allows for betting on events monitored by various interstellar communication networks. Some small gambling compartments may include more gaming machines if space allows.

Lounge Size Gambling Establishment

Possibly able to be integrated into lounge establishments already installed upon a starship or installation, lounge size gambling establishments provide a wider range of varieties of game-play Such lounges may include live card games, dedicated free-standing gaming machines, table surface integrated gaming machines, and various other gaming machines as well as volumetric displays which can be used for viewing events which can be bet upon using a bet transaction machine which can be installed in the lounge.

Full Size Gambling Establishment

Intended to be installed upon large spacecraft, and in large installations, full size gaming establishments are full sized casinos. These gambling establishments are designed to provide full immersion in the gaming environment, while also providing a full range of games of chance for patrons to take part in. These gambling establishments often include small eateries, bars, and lounges. As would be expected, such gambling establishments include a range of mechanical gaming devices, and table games.

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