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LSDF Secured Hazard Brig

Designed to serve as a location in which highly hazardous captives are to be held, LSDF designed secured hazard brigs are built for the purpose of conducting the transportation and imprisonment of high-threat creatures and individuals in a safe and controlled environment.

General Information & Design

General Information

Intended for the most dangerous, the most clever, and the most downright hazardous, the secured hazard brig is designed to keep individuals who are deemed the utmost threatening isolated from a ship or station's population, and with the intent of keeping the individual from being interfered with by outside forces.


Containment Sphere

Serving as the primary feature of the hazard brig is the containment sphere, which is a four-meter sphere which has been built using the most experimental of methods and materials. Interior and exterior surfaces of the containment sphere are comprised of a foil-thin layer of Zesuaium1). This layer of material houses an interior layering of boron-carbide, Nerimium, and a vacuum suspension layer which uses permanent magnets to suspend the interior of the sphere and hold it separate from the exterior. Between the exterior and interior layers, a special layering of material has been fabricated to produce a faraday cage which further isolates the interior and exterior layers by preventing magnetic fields from penetrating the structure. Access to the sphere is handled by physically parting the sphere in two by unscrewing the exterior, and the interior layers separately. Prisoners are provided air and sustenance by a regulated processing system which has forced the addition of small holes in the sphere which traverse the two layers.

Sphere Housing

Placed around the containment sphere is a sphere housing, this structure is essentially a frame which encloses the sphere and suspends it within a forcefield. Along with serving as a means of suspending the sphere, the sphere housing also includes a series of mechanical manipulation arms which include mico-hooks that are designed to attach onto select portions of the zesuaium structure of the containment sphere. Once attached, these manipulators are used to unscrew the containment sphere sections and lift them apart, also, these systems can rapidly seal a containment sphere shut.

In-Out System

Sealed containment spheres are isolated from all outside interference, aside from the tightly regulated 'In-Out System', this system uses two highly regulated bundles of tubes that connect to the containment sphere. One bundle of tubes handles in-going alterations to the interior of the sphere, the other, handles out-going. Designed with safety in mind, the in-out system includes a pulsed plasma wash system, a femtoscopic filtering system, a magnetic field guide system, and a cascading forcefield system. Tasks handled by the In-Out system include atmospheric regulation, temperature regulation, and the filtering of possible contaminants (or the prisoner themselves) when removing spent atmosphere from the containment sphere. Through the use of the In-Out system, containment spheres can have their interior temperature lowered to near absolute zero for the purpose of cryonic suspension of a prisoner, or the sphere's interior can be super-heated with a plasma wash for prisoner disposal. Furthermore, nanoscopic machines can also be introduced to provide treatment for prisoner health, and gaseous nutrients are supplied to sustain a prisoner during long-term imprisonments.

Prisoner Loading and Unloading

Prisoner loading and unloading is handled through the use of a short-term containment method. This method uses conformal forcefield systems to physically restrain a prisoner during transport, using mobile projectors. Along with a forcefield system, a mechanical arm system is also available to physically restrain a prisoner, and move them into the area of the containment sphere. When placed within the sphere's area, the sphere housing system seals the containment sphere around the prisoner. When unloading, prisoners are automatically detained within a forcefield system, until a suitable transport method is provided.

Prisoner Neutralization Systems

In the event of a prisoner being unable to be restrained by the containment sphere, a neutralization system is put into effect. Prisoner neutralization follows a multi-stage plan.

Step One

Introduce sedative compounds.

Step Two

Introduce brainwave disrupting magnetic fields

Step Three

Introduce high gravitational fields

Step Four

Begin the use of lethal force, flooding the hazard brig area with disruptive plasma

Step Five

Second step of lethal force, using shaped antimatter charges

Step Six

Final step of lethal force, using gravitational and magnetic manipulation, the hazard brig area's interior furnishings, atmosphere, and ideally the prisoner as well are accelerated in a circular motion until kinetic forces cause molecular disruption, heating effects, plasma reactions, and vaporization which are contained within a forcefield system.

Containment Systems

Containment of the hazard brig is handled through the use of Lorath Shield System Technology which provides shielding and isolation from things physical, energy, subspace,and phased within the limits of the energy supplied to the brig system.

Emergency Systems

All hazard brigs are provided with their own closed atmospheric processing system, emergency communications system, and their own power supply which can provide a full redundancy for all functions of the hazard brig. Each of the emergency systems are installed for triple redundancy. In the event of a failure of the surrounding ship or installation, hazard brigs are designed to be ejected in the direction of the nearest friendly forces, or into the nearest stellar or quantum phenomena.

It has been asked of Wesley if a sufficiently advanced manufacturer could duplicate the Zesuaium manufacturing process, he has confirmed it as possible.

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