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LSDF Secured Vaults

Intended for the storage of valuable or sensitive materials, the LSDF designed secure vault compartment can be scaled to the storage of small materials, or large materials, and can be installed on various sized platforms.

General Information, Design, & Equipment

General Information

Intended to provide secure storage for equipment, supplies, personal effects, and other items, the secured vault chambers have been designed to provide a location in which materials could be safely stored for short or long durations. Usually, secured vaults are located in security offices, near officer quarters, or in common-areas such as recreation areas in stations where visiting personnel or residents of starships or stations for the purpose of allowing such individuals to store their belongings.


Two main variants exist for the secured vault compartment, manned variants, and automated variants. Manned variants are built around the capacity of armed personnel providing a degree of assistance to automated security systems to ensure vault security. Automated vaults rely mainly on automated computer-controlled systems to maintain vault security.


Manned secured vaults have a design which usually involves a check-in desk, a recorder's desk, and a number of armed personnel which would correspond to the scale of the vault compartment which has been installed. Check-in desks handle the task of conducting scans of individuals entering the vault area, and conducting reservations and similar paperwork. At the recorder's desk, items to be stored or retrieved are recorded by an individual into a data storage medium for verification, also to ensure that the items to be stored are not of a harmful or volatile nature.


Automated secured vaults have been designed to combine the tasks of check-in, and recording, into an automated robotic system which can be scaled from merely a kiosk, to a full on reception desk. When items are to be processed, precision calibrated manipulation arms are used to convey the items from client to vault, or vice versa. While in transit, items are intensely scanned and verified for safety and composition. Security for the vault is also handled by automated systems which vary depending on the vault scale and the value of items expected to be stored.


Equipment provided to secured vault offices include the following, but is not limited to;

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