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Emfratec Cooking Technology

The “Emfratec” cooker earns its name through its cooking process which utilizes electromagnetic field generators, infrared emission elements, and electric heating elements.


Producer: Lorath Matriarchy
Designer: Lorath Matriarchy

Units Available & Costs

'Hot Box' Tabletop cooker. 40 KS
'Zapper' Counter-top unit. 100 KS
'The Griller' Open-top unit intended for grilling and designed in a conventional grill appearance. 250 KS
'Kitchen-Pal' Domestic kitchen stove and range. 300 KS
'The Galley-Master' Extra large unit intended for eatery and galley usage. 600 KS
'The Hot One' A ten by five meter unit which includes its own generator and capacitor unit, intended for preparing food for groups as large as five-thousand individuals in under fifteen minutes. 2000 KS

Technical Information

Through the use of electromagnetic molecular agitation, infrared heating elements, and electrical heating elements, the “Emfratec” unit is capable of producing various forms of heat which can be utilized to cook various forms of organic matter without producing gaseous emissions, or requiring solid fuel.


Each Emfratec cooking device includes a self cleaning feature, timer, clock, food thermometer, cooking temperature monitor, fire alert buzzer, multi-system compatible power plug, battery compatibility.

Emfratec cooking devices are capable of delivering heating temperatures of up to 750 C in the oven enclosure, and 300C on range top element.

⚠ Note: 750C heat is reserved for the 'cleaning' setting in most situations, users are advised to utilize included oven mitts at all times, allow cooking enclosure to cool before reaching in.

Cooking Modes

Emfratec units can toast, broil, bake, microwave, grill, and slow-warm.


All Emfratec sales include a cooking utensil set which is to-scale for the unit purchased, oven mitts, apron, cleaning brush, and protective goggles.

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