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LSDF “Ek'yra” Railgun Service Rifle

Designer: Lorath Self Defense Force Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy (Suggested) Price: 2500KS Individual Component Costs: Trigger and Grip Assembly: 700KS Replacement Rails: 350KS Battery Pack (With charger): 50 KS Frame: 400KS Magnetic Rail Firing Assembly: 1000KS Lubricant and cooling gel: 1KS

Nomenclature Information

Name: “Ek'yra” (“Agony”) Multi-Caliber Railgun Rifle Type: Railgun Assault Rifle Model: LM-SA-AR-MR-01-30 Role: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armor Length: 28 Inches / 71.12 Centimeters. Mass: 10.5 Lbs / 4.75 Kg.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Metallic Slugs, Conventional Ammunition (Including the case).

Firing Mechanism: Ammunition is fed into the chamber by a rotating feed wheel system which pulls the round from the magazine or other feed source. When the round is chambered, an internal sensor within the firing assembly acknowledges the chambered round, allowing for a signal to be transmitted from the trigger when it is pulled. When the trigger of the trigger assembly is pulled, the hammer of the trigger assembly contacts a mechanical component within the primary section of the rifle. The hammer-to-component interaction closes a circuit, confirming that the weapon is activated. Power is fed from a power cell to a pair of magnetic rails which line the chamber and barrel. The metallic slug is then propelled out of the weapon.

Caliber: The weapon can be adjusted to accept munitions ranging from .5mm to 13mm and lengths from 10mm to 80mm.

:!: Ranges listed are applicable in 1g of gravity
:!: Ranges listed are average ranges to be expected utilizing compatible ammunition, may not be directly accurate.
:!: Ranges listed are in relation to capability of an average soldier without cybernetic augmentation or computerized aiming assistance.

Effective Range 3 Miles / 4.82 Km Maximum Range: 25 Miles / 40.23 Km Minimum Range: 0

Muzzle Velocity: 3500 M/s at standard infantry recommended setting, can be increased to 5000 M/s through the use of selector dial.

Muzzle Blast: A minor visible distortion of air at the barrel of the weapon due to sonic-boom effects.

Firing Mode(s): Semi-Auto, Three-Round Bust, Full-Auto. Kinetic Force Selection: This rifle includes a recalibration dial to allow for kinetic forces applied to the munition to be altered to user desired specifics. Kinetic force can be calibrated to allow for a maximum of 5000 M/s muzzle velocity, and a maximum range of 25 miles, however, a calibration of 3500 M/s and 3 mile range calibration is suggested.

Recoil: The recoil of this weapon is comparable to firing a .50 Caliber pistol. However, when firing the weapon when configured to maximum power, the recoil would be comparable to utilizing a 25mm anti material rifle.

Rate of Fire: 600 Rounds Per Minute

Damage Ratings:

  • Mid-Power Firing: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel (Varies depending on ammunition).
  • Maximum Power Firing: Tier 3, Heavy Anti-Personnel (Varies depending on ammunition).

Ammo Description

This rifle is capable of accepting metallic slugs ranging from .5mm to 13mm. Fully compatible with Lorath munitions.

This weapon requires a power supply to be utilized. Included with the weapon is a rechargeable battery pack, however the weapon is capable of being directly plugged into power sources, or can utilize Star Army of Yamatai power pack magazines.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Yes, built into the firing mode selector. Fire mode selector: Yes, the firing mode selector is located on the trigger assembly of the weapon, and is intended to be operated by the user's thumb. Weapon Sight: None, but can be equipped with various optics and sights. Attachment Hard points:

  • Left and right side rails on the lower forward section of the weapon.
  • Left and right side rails on the upper forward section of the weapon.
  • Left and right side rails located on the upper section above the trigger assembly.
  • Topside rail intended for sight and optics attachments.
  • Rear-Trigger Assembly stock attachment hard points.

Recalibration Dials: Located beneath the bolt of the weapon, a pair of dials are built into the side of the weapon which allow for the adjustment of the rifle's caliber. The caliber adjustment mechanism is designed to automatically stop adjustment when the proper calibration is found to match the chambered ammunition.

Standard Issue “M'Cel” Grenade Launcher Compatibility: This rifle is fully compatible with the “M'Cel” multi-caliber grenade launcher system.

Synthetic Rubber Grips: This rifle includes long-lasting weather resistant moisture wicking synthetic rubber grips. These grips can optionally be stamped with the emblem of the Lorath Matriarchy, Star Army of Yamatai, or alternative organization markings.

Various Ammunition Magazine Compatibility: This rifle is capable of accepting various sizes of magazines, and can be adjusted to accept pistol, rifle, and some machine gun magazines. The rifle's magazine adjustment functions in the same manner as the rifle's caliber adjustment.

Interchangeable Rails: The rails of the rifle are designed to be able to be removed from the frame and replaced quickly by removing a number of retainer pins and sliding the rails from the interior of the frame. Various rail sizes are available to improve accuracy with various ammunitions. Average replacement time with standard manufacture rail package and with trained personnel, usually two to three minutes.

Standard Issue Sights Package: Included with each issued rifle are reflex 'Red Dot' sights, and iron sights.

Interchangeable Trigger Assembly: The trigger assembly of this rifle is interchangeable with all LM-SA-AR-(Blank)-01-30 rifle systems.

Closed Cooling-Gel System: Located in the framework of the rifle are stonethread polymer packets which contain a coolant gel which is designed to cool the accelerator rails of the rifle.

Standard Issue Lubricant/Coolant: With each issued rifle, a package of lubrication and cooling gel is enclosed. Each package of cooling gel is capable of administering one-hundred coats. However, the gel is optional and regarded as an optional maintenance measure.

EM Shielding: Included in this rifle are EM shielding measures which prevent external EM interference and internal EM interference from hindering the operation of the unit's internal components.

Gravitational Field Regulator: Included in this rifle is a gravity field regulator which prevents the effects of scalar energy from harming the structure and function of the weapon and it's components.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: To maintain the weapon in the field, it is suggested that the weapon be cleaned of dust and debris, lightly oiled, and kept dry if possible.

Replaceable Parts and components: All components are replaceable and replacement parts can be readily ordered from the manufacture through most communication networks.

It is suggested that rails be replaced after 5,000 discharges to ensure accuracy. However, rails can endure up to 15,000 discharges prior to failure.

Visual Description


The mutli-caliber railgun rifle has been designed by the Lorath Matriarchy and Lorath Self Defense Force to be fielded by infantry and some power-armor forces. Due to the nature of the Lorath, the rifle was accepted with remorse and regret, thus the rifle was dubbed with the title “Soh'mit Dy'c” or “Cursed Tool”. Despite the regrettable need to utilize such a weapon, soldiers who are issued the rifle treat the weapon with the same respect they treat their melee weapons which they still wear even as they field their rifles.

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