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Producer Information

Designer: Lorath New-Tur’Lista Manufacturer: LSDF Manufacturing Yards (Suggested) Price: 15,000. Individual Component Costs: Gravity Controlled Armored Ammunition Pack: 2500 ks MRRGSL-MKII: 10,000 ks 5000 40mm Antimatter Slugs: 2500 ks

Nomenclature Information

Name: Multi-Role Ranged Gatling System – Large – Mark II (MRRGSL-MKII), or simply referred to as the L-Mark-Two Type: Multiple barrel antimatter shell launcher Model: MRRGSL-MKII Role: Anti-starship, anti-emplacement Length: 15 Meters. Weight: Gatling Unit – 850 lbs, Ammunition Pack – 600 lbs unloaded, 70,600 lbs loaded without gravitational control device.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Slug Firing Mechanism: Slugs are fed from the ammunition pack through the use of a link less belt system into the chamber of the weapon. When a shell is in the chamber and the weapon is activated, magnetic rails which run down the barrel and chamber are then powered, which results in the shell being propelled. As the round is propelled down one of three barrels, a subspace field coil then decreases the mass of the shell, which allows the shell to approach speeds near FTL as the shell leaves the barrel. Caliber: 40mm. Effective Range: 2500 – 5000 Meters depending on atmospheric density. Maximum Range: 7500 Meters in atmosphere, unlimited in deep space with minimal gravitational effects. Minimum Range: 0. Muzzle Velocity: .90c declining to .25c over the range of 2000 meters Muzzle Blast: In atmosphere, there is a distortion of air and a sonic boom. In space, there would be a minor distortion in visible light due to subspace and magnetic field effects. Firing Mode(s): semi-automatic, burst fire, fully automatic Recoil: Must be vehicle or starship mounted. Rounds Per Minute: 1200

Ammo List

The L-Mark-Two fires 40mm ammunition.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Computer Control, Control Switch

Fire mode selector: Computer Control

Weapon Sight: Computer controlled sensor package. (Starship grade)

Attachment Hard points: Bringer Of Thunder compatible handles and attachment brackets. LSDF ship compatible connection points.

Gravitational Control Device: Built into the weapon and ammunition pack are gravitational control devices designed to aid in reducing ammunition weight.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Field maintenance is reliant upon keeping the weapon well lubricated to maintain its rounds per minute potential. Connection to the power generator on the vehicle should be checked before deployment. Replace rails after 700,000 discharges

Replaceable Parts and components: all parts are interchangeable by a simple Removal of corresponding screws, bolts, pins, and magnetic locks.

Visual Description

Standard appearance of a Gatling gun. Except for only three barrels and reduced size in the motor section. A backpack that is 10 meters tall, 5 meters wide, 2 meters thick. The ammunition backpack is connected to the Gatling unit by a link less belt.


The Multi-Role Ranged Gatling System – Large – Mark II is a new model of gatling weapon intended for starship and large mecha operations which has been inspired by QnS technology, specifically the weapons which can be found aboard the Broadsides-Class.

OOC Information

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