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88mm Munitions Cylinder

Originally designed for use with the โ€˜R-88 Acesulfulzelโ€™ 88mm Subspace Enhanced Railgun, the 88mm Munitions Cylinder has been initially designed to provide an effective storage solution to 88x855mm projectiles, while also providing a power capacitor, and a subspace-electromagnetic accelerator system.

More about 88mm Cylinder

Developed in conjunction with the R-88, the munitions cylinder for the weapon was designed to function like the cylinder found in a typical revolver pistol. What provided a substantial enhancement to this concept were design innovations suggested by the Lazarus Consortium, which allowed for subspace field emitters and EM accelerators to be built directly into the chambers of the cylinder, in conjunction with a high-capacity and output capacitor which could effectively operate the weapon at maximum output for five discharges. Each chamber has been outfitted with a grav-plating jacket, allowing for a reduction in payload weight, while insulating the chambers against scalar interference.

An alternative use for the munition cylinder, largely discovered by accident by a Helashio work-crew, was the use of the munitions cylinder as a launch platform, separate from the R-88, this function was dubbed 'Monkey Pawing', as a posthumous recognition of the work-crew's discovery. By inserting an arming key-pin into the cylinder, the accelerator system is put into 'live' mode, allowing for an external trigger to discharge the chambered ammunition, singularly, or discharging all five chambers simultaneously.

Produced By: Lorath Matriarchy, United Manufacturing Cooperative, Nepleslian Arms and Munitions Mass: Varies by ammunition, empty weight; 204 Kg Capacity: Five projectiles, and energy to discharge payload. Caliber: 88x855mm Structural Material: Durandium Alloy

Monkey Pawing

Accurate Range: 5km Effective Range 150,000 Km Muzzle Velocity: 74,000 Km/s Damage: Munition dependent.

Can be used to propel sabot encased munitions which can fit into the cylinder chamber.

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