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FMR-1 Stalwart Enforcer

Despite our advanced technology, it is a reality of our time, this year of YE 30, that the majority of our weapons, if they are not energy-based, have changed little since our past. There's a good reason for this, of course - traditional actions, used in many of the most popular pistols in all our nations, are reliable enough for everyday use - even if they may do nothing to a powered suit, or the latest cat-eared biological weapon.

However, in our day and age, such weapons can be surpassed without the hassle of energy weaponry. Ammunition stores can be expanded using our patented new Block-Ammo System (BAS), which provides 50 rounds of solid ceramics. The loud sounds of traditional actions can be migitated by electromagnetic acceleration based on our top-selling Stalwart Special, mainstay of the Lorath Self Defense Force. The limited bullet velocities of gunpowder can be surpassed by our innovative adjustment system, which allows increased kill power to be used in situations where recoil can be dealt with - by our modern supersoldiers, and by our modern armored infantry.

The Stalwart Enforcer. Don't fight wars with yesterday's weapons. Shop smart. Shop Stalwart Defense.

General Information

Designer: Stalwart Defender, Stalwart Defense Industries Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy Cost: 250 KS (including 2 BAS blocks) Cost (50-round BAS block): 30 KS

Name: FMR-1 Stalwart Enforcer Type: Electromagnetic pistol Official Model Number: SDI-FM-R1 Role: Self-defense, backup weapon, close combat, enhanced/armored use Caliber: 7.5 mm

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Solid round, magnetic-type ceramic composite Firing Mechanism: Individual round is broken off the ammo block, consisting of 50 rounds held together by a brittle resin. Round is chambered in the firearm and accelerated using electromagnetic action based on the FMS-1. Block is moved upwards for next round. Muzzle Velocity: Adjustible Muzzle Blast: Limited flash from electromagnetic action; sound migitated by lack of chamber explosion Firing Mode(s): Semi-auto; full-auto requiring enhancement due to high sustained recoil Recoil: Adjustable bullet velocity allows recoil at levels ranging from extremely low, to levels requiring either enhancement genetic or cybernetic; or a powered armor. Rate Of Fire (full auto mode): 50 rounds/minute

Magazine: 50-round block of ammunition, known as a BAS block, a rectangular shape loaded into the grip. Rounds are bound together by brittle resin, broken off in the process of firing. This has the unfortunate side effect of lowering the weapon's caliber and rate of fire; the latter can be compensated, but not without extremely high reactive forces making recoil difficult. Safety: Trigger guard safety Fire mode selector: Fire mode selector on side of unit provides adjustable bullet velocity - and thus adjustable recoil. Using software, one can lock high-recoil modes to allow use as a traditional sidearm; or use the high-recoil modes in case of enhanced or armored use. Weapon Sight: Digital sight/laser combo on bottom of unit; digital sight requires computer connection to PA unit or visor system for use, display provides aiming and ammo information; traditional open sight on top of unit

:!: Ranges listed are applicable in 1g of gravity

Effective Range 110 m Maximum Range: 150 m Minimum Range: 0

Damage Rating: DR ranging from 1 to 3, depending on setting; average 2. Maximum damage not achievable at the base capability of human physiology.

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