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NMX Navy Jumpsuit (Type 33)

The NMX created a utilitarian jumpsuit uniform for its space naval soldiers in YE 33.

Uniform Components

The new uniform includes:

  • Gray Coveralls (5 button front, comfortable, has pants pockets and 2 chest pockets)
    • SMN Flag Patch
  • Black leather belt with silver buckle
  • Black low-cut boots or black shoes
  • White sailor cap with black ribbon (embroidered โ€œNMXโ€ in red. Similar to the Star Army's Service Dress Cap)
  • Optional black windbreaker (collared, with zipper)

It is common for the sleeves to be rolled up.


The hat is a white wool cap with a black ribbon around it. The ribbon is embroidered with the letters โ€œNMXโ€ in red.

There is also a gold ribbon version that appeared in YE 33.

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