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New Dusk Conclave

A new and growing nation with a diverse culture, advanced technology, and well funded military; the history behind their rise to existence was a harsh and stifled one which started as a government division under a dictator's regime. A unitary aristocracy style of government was established to make sure everything ran smoothly. Founded in YE 40 by a organization known as Section 6 to escape to a place where a better society could be formed compared to the one they left on a world named Osman, the people left harsh totalitarian controlled desert for a verdant world to set up their own nation where they began the construction of the New Dusk Conclave.

Capital Sirris VI - Obsidian City
Population 3,199,3501)
Heads of State Jack Pine and Mark Oaklen
Government Type Unitary Aristocracy
Formation YE 40
Current Year YE 42
Currency Duskerian Script (DS)


New members are welcome, as anyone can immigrate and become citizens. New military personnel must enlist with SSAF and will be awarded the rank of Trooper upon passing their basic training requirements. Government personnel must be screened through a short process before being employed. Civilian positions are hired through normal hiring processes, but any refugees are welcome as well, as the NDC holds an open door policy for those in need of aid.

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Here, everything of importance to know about the faction can be found; races, cultural articles, their diplomatic situation, and the culture of this diverse society. Information on government structure, military organizations, history, their claimed territories, and even a bit of info on the NDC's economy is also available on this page.


Links to culture related pages are listed below.

Incorporated Species

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The government of Section 6 is a Unitary Aristocracy with Absolute Primogeniture succession. All power is delegated from the shared rulers, Jack and Mark. This power is inherited by the oldest child of each regardless of sex upon death.

Currently, this delegated power is shared among a number of Councilors, which govern the affairs of the nation together. Each councilor is selected from the next most capable from within officially created departments of government when the prior is not fit for duty.

Local governance is further delegated to a democratic process where locals vote on changes to their area. In cases of suspected foul play, the council or rulers can suspend or interrupt the democratic process.

The name for the government was derived from an idea, albeit an idealistic and philosophical one, but one the people were set on nonetheless. Before every new dawn is dusk, a lowering of the sun into the beginning of the night, to which in some cultures represents a struggle. New Dusk is to metaphorical note the new struggle before the people of the NDC, to build a place safe and prosperous for their children to come. Conclave simply refers to the fact that the majority of the government decisions that are not major enough for the Lords to have to decide are handled by a council, similar to conclave style entities. This is how the name New Dusk Conclave was decided, representing what the young nation seeks, as well as how they are represented.




Treaties and Diplomacy

Despite the nation's young age, they have already made strides towards friendly relations with the other nations; having already made a successful alliance with another young nation. Talks with other powers continue and hopefully, their bonds with those of the Kikyo sector will grow.

* Mining Guild - Supplier



Science and Military are heavy influences on the newer society, as well as very community oriented due to their previous home. The people of the Conclave have faced harsh conditions, and under their previous ruler in the days of the OSO, harsh totalitarian rule. The populace is a mixing pot of races, religions, backgrounds, and cultures from across the Kikyo Sector. All blending, mixing, and each equally expressed here and there throughout the city. The people, however, are happy with their current government, men raised to the position via confidence and trust. New technologies are a common thing in the NDC, life always improving in some measure, no matter how small seeming.

Fashion is a reflection, everyone wearing the style and dress of their people and beliefs. The only uniform aesthetic is that of the military and government elements, a unified look that the people are familiar with. The territories of the NDC are far from crowded, compact, or overbearing to nature. Grass and trees line the gaps between buildings and streets in strips of nature, large parks often found in the center of the colonies. Media also is another mixed batch of those living in the NDC, with the exception of the government supported broadcasting programs. Armed men in armor are a common and normal sight, the people comfortable as if they were any other law enforcement. Most architecture has a straight-edged and geometric in aesthetic, as well as functional.

Economically, small private businesses thrive, and corporations are carefully regulated within the territories. The economy is still very new but driven by product and a hard backed mostly physical based currency system. A plethora of everyday items are available at a range of stores and vendors, ranging to those found in the shopping district, or the marketplaces and bizarre of downtown. Having been established over 7-8 months ago approximately. They deconstructed a decent portion of their fleet as building blocks to expedite the construction of their city on Sirris VI in the Sanctum star system. Raw materials are shipped in large quantity due to a deal and their relationship with the Monarchy of Dovania who has systems rich in raw materials. In exchange for modern training of their forces, access to ship blueprints, and military aid in minor operations. MoD, in turn, supplies them with these resources in addition to giving military aid if needed. In addition to the locally mined raw materials supplied by Foreman Queen Seven-Two 23-2016-1994, a freespacer warbot, who is running a mining operation supported by the government, to supplement what is mined by the government via industrial equipment bought from Galactic Horizon. These combined have provided a stable platform and pool of resources to build the beginnings of an economy on, as well as handle the supply needs of most of their production requirements.

Every year on the eve of a new year, vendors gather in the park for celebration and selling of festival related goods into the first morning of a new year. Other holidays revolve around historical events, such as the day that Section 6 landed on Sirris VI to found what became the NDC. New ones are always proposed to the council with the local voting system results used as advisory information for the final decision by the council. On a darker note, events of mourning involve a specially developed process for handling the passing of the deceased. Their bodies are in public sessions cremated, their ashes compressed and processed into graphene. An orb is created with their name inscribed, a holographic image of the person inside, a sample of the soil of the land where they perished, and a small internal computer with a list of accomplishments alongside an audio recording from the deceased. This is placed in a memorial wall in the central park of each colony currently, in memory of them. Any leftover graphene can be fashioned into jewelry, personal items, or even pieces of armor for the deceased's family to hold onto.


Originally created from a division of the OSO in YE 38, called Section 6, they grew and expanded. When they could grow no longer and had done all they could for the place of their conception, in YE 40, Section 6 took a long and harrowing exodus in search of a new home. A world and system to call their own to build the ideal future for their people that for so long they had worked for. Little did they know that such a trip would cost them as with the loss of ST technology with their departure they could not revive those who had passed away. Because as they left they were struck with a terrorist attack from agents of Psychopomp LLC then later even more in a direct assault on the S6 fleet. Over 500 lives were lost in the journey and it would take over three months to build their first city; the capital of what would become the New Dusk Conclave. Even before landfall they had formed their council and drafted the outline of their new government. But it was not considered complete or felt as genuine until the city was completed. The day of completion was marked with the unveiling of a monument to those who had perished in the exodus: a large black wall filled with graphene orbs forged from the fallen. They had finally found a home in the Sanctum star system on the world dubbed Sirris VI and their new capital city named Obsidian City.

With this new government, the organization had to restructure and set a form of governance. The governing body came in the form of the council formed of the original department heads and the two founders. The Pine bloodline became nobility and Jack Pine with his brother Mark Oaklen ruled as lords at the head of this council. Only their bloodline's descendants could ascend to the thrones if either of the founders passed.

Later on a Guild formed by refugees created Mining Guild to add to the mining operations.

Great Things About This Faction

This is what players had to say about this faction:

“Lonely little Star Bois.” -Dragon_God
“More active than me.” - Air Admiral
“One of my favorite places.” - Charaa

OOC Notes

This page was created by Jack Pine on 8/16/2018.

Approved by Syaoran on 6/6/2019

319,940 are military
The second largest demographic of the NDC's population.
Although not officially assimilated into the NDC population, and therefore not counted as part of it, make up the majority of the population on Sirris VI, and are only seconded in numbers by the Separa'Shan.
Due to mass refugee immigration after the Essian occupation, and make up around 3 million of the today population now.
Number roughly 500 in number.

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