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SHIVA 112cm HE

The 112cm HE shell is a guided artillery shell produced by the Frontier Manufacturing Service exclusively for use in the SHIVA by USO. Production began in YE 39 at a price of x per unit.

Please include the history behind the design, as well as the recommended price.


  • Damage Rating: T12 Heavy Anti-Starship
  • Size: 1.12 × 5m
  • Caliber: 112 cm
  • Damage Description: Deals full damage within a 5m radius, T7 for 5m beyond that, and T3 up to 50m.
  • Effective Range: Anywhere on the planet it's deployed on.
  • Velocity: Muzzle: Mach 1.5. Cruise: Mach 12.
  • Energy Source: Rail + Rocket

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