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Section 6

Formed by Jack Pine in the YE 39 after operation Roach Motel on the planet Cavalon due to heavy casualties received from heavy enemy opposition. Jack left the Nepleslian military because he was tired of ordering good men to die on his order for some commander that didn't care about his men. He left that behind when it became only him and Zeke as the only two surviving members. After the events of “Roach Hotel” and being reminded of those years in the military, he decided to take steps to hopefully prevent the large number of casualties again. Section 6 was his answer, a division dedicated to improving the odds for OSO personnel in combat operations, as well as the lives of those living in the OSO. Their job is to help accelerate OSO expansion through upgrading and developing new tech, following the mandate, “Advance, Adapt, Overcome”.

More about Section 6

The sub-division which was technically part of the Sky Guard, was dedicated to furthering the expansion and advancement of the OSO. They have since gained independence, becoming an autonomous organization in mid-ye40.

  • Research and Development of new technologies as well as upgrades for existing equipment.
  • Development of new Tactics and Intelligence gathering methods.
  • Execution of high risk recon, intelligence, and covert operations.

Property Assets

Section 6 maintains a large facility 5km outside Osman City due west. A residential area sits in front of the facility and is a suburb style neighborhood made up of contemporary style homes made from shipping containers. A 100ft reinforced wall was later added around both and a four lane highway connects the property area to the city.

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