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New Dusk Conclave

A new and growing nation with a diverse culture, advanced technology, and well funded military; the history behind their rise to existence was a harsh and stifled one which started as a government division under a dictator's regime. A unitary aristocracy style of government was established to make sure everything ran smoothly. Founded in YE 40 by an organization known as Section 6 to escape to a place where a better society could be formed compared to the one they left on a world named Osman, the people left harsh totalitarian controlled desert for a verdant world to set up their own nation where they began the construction of the New Dusk Conclave.

New Dusk Conclave
Capital Sirris VI - Obsidian City
Population ~4 million 1)
Heads of State Neera Pine and Mark Oaklen
Government Type Unitary Aristocracy
Formation YE 40
Currency Duskerian Script (DS)

Great Things About This Faction

This is what players had to say about this faction:

“Lonely little Star Bois.” -Dragon_God
“More active than me.” - Air Admiral
“One of my favorite places.” - Charaa


#FlagPagePlace NameDescriptionPopulation
1Draco Eridanus SystemDrago Eridanus
2SanctumSanctum System
3SX-01 “Vale”SX-01 “Vale”
4SX-02 “Nephis”SX-02 “Nephis”

OOC Notes

~400,000 are military

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