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Disrupter Flight Suit

The Disrupter Flight suits were designed by NAM's Aerotech division. In the past, pilots needed to wear bulky Power armor to get the most out of their craft. With the Disrupters, the pilots could get the most out of their fighters, and have a dedicated suit to aid them.

About the Armor

Designed in mid YE 39 by Aerotech, the Disrupter was created specifically with pilots in mind. Unlike the power armor pilot used to have to wear, the Disrupter is not a PA, thus the cockpit is much less cramped. It is also to be used as armor of the pilots in the event that they must bail out into hostile territory.

The suit looks like a suit of combat armor, with a segmented durandium armor chest plate and shoulder guards. It also sports a tactical belt which can be used to store a variety of things to aid the pilot, and has a fur collar adorning the armor. The helmet is fully enclosed, and has a mono eye system built on a track that allows the “eye” to follow the pilot's natural eye movements. The suit's boots, gauntlets, and helmet lock into place to allow the suit to be pressurized.


Since the creation of the NSN, pilots have not had the luxury of a dedicated flight suit. Instead they had to rely on bulky Power Armor to operate their craft. However, the PAs were never created with pilots in mind. They were only designed around the Marines who would use them most.

One night in late YE 38, several NSN fighter pilots went out drinking after a deployment and were openly debating the use of PAs in the cockpit. During the discussion, one of the pilots began speaking about what he believed the perfect flight suit would be. He and the other pilots soon began speaking excitedly about what they would like to see. While some things were obviously a joke, many of the ideas seemed very useful to the fighter jocks. After getting all their ideas on paper, they submitted a request to NAM's Aerotech division

Several weeks later Aerotech received the request, many thought to brush off the idea and continue working on other projects. However, a few former pilots decided to take up the challenge of creating a new flight suit for the NSN.

The team used feedback from pilots in the field and created the Disrupter.

In mid YE 39, Aerotech rolled out the first batch of ready Disrupter Flight Suits.



The suit's flak vest and shoulder guards are made out of layered Durandium planting.

Computer and HUD

The Disrupter relies on the ACE Combat Executive to crunch numbers for the pilot, and to keep track of all incoming battlefield information for the pilot.

When not inside a spacecraft, the suit provides a basic HUD that provides vital signs for the wearer as well as the status of other members in the squad. When the suit is synched with the cockpit, however, the flight data for the craft is fed through the ACE and displayed on the HUD. Things like ammo count, flight path vector, acceleration indicator, and navigation data to name a few.

Life Support

The Disrupter has custom fit, shock absorbing, gel padding for each individual pilot allowing for the maximum degree of comfort as well as protection and inertia dampening. It also is fully pressurized in the case of an emergency bailout into space. It also comes equipped with an environmental control system that scrubs CO2 and other harmful airborne contaminants. The suit also has radiation scrubbers.

Besides this, the suit has a built in water pack as well as a catheter for the pilots to “relieve” themselves on long duration sortes.

Power Systems

Much like the Golem Assault Armor, the Disrupter uses the same design. Several capacitor banks are built into the spine of the suit which holds enough power to operate the suit for 24 hours. However, unlike the Golem, the suit can be kinetically charged via the pilot's own movements.

When the suit interfaces with a cockpit, it will draw from that vessels power systems, rather than its own.

Sensors and Communications

The suit's helmet uses the Monoeye Suite. Unlike its power armor counterparts. The Monoeye of the Disrupter is built into a track inside to helmet, which allows the monoeye to track and follow the eye movements of the pilot. This allows the monoeye to scan and focus on what a pilot's eyes are looking at in detail.

The Disrupter also uses encrypted point to point laser communication. If the laser communication fails, then the suit also has back up radio communication, and finally a set of speaker built in around the mouth of the helmet.


N/A: This suit is to be used by SMDIoN personnel only.

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