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Na-A/I-02a Standard Civilian Gas Mask


A very simple gas mask intended for mass distribution to civilians by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in the event of enemy attack. They are currently being stored in gigantic numbers in various storehouses under the control of the SMoDIN throughout Nepleslian population centers.

They are rather simple in design, constructed out of a plastic composite face plate with two cylindrical air scrubbers on either side of the chin. The part of the mask actually on the face is made of a soft rubber. It's painted dark green, and has a wide, transparent plexiglass plate to allow people to see out of it. It also contains a microphone and radio transmitter/ receiver. The eye piece has a very limited HUD with a simple Geiger counter, compass, and an air toxicity readout.

The gas mask comes in two sizes, one for Nepleslians and similar races, and one for the much larger ID-SOLs. The gas masks come connected to a light synthetic hood, and stays on the head via a single, simple strap that stretches behind the head. It is powered by a simple battery located in the right cheek, which is replaceable with almost any civilian battery of similar size. It also has a small solar panel on it, allowing it to be recharged by the sun. The battery is very efficient, and can power the mask for close to 12 hours.

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