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Star Navy of Nepleslia Starship Speeds

Nepleslian starships and vessels, not that far behind in terms of Star Army of Yamatai technology, have only a small fraction of their speeds bested by their Yamataian counterparts. From an out of character standpoint, this is here to simplify conversion to the Starship Speed Standard.

Interstellar vehicles are divided into seven categories:

Cat Starship Type Example Classes Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
1 Standard Warships Primus-class Battleship , Shaika .360c 17812.5c (2 ly/h) 374,740c (0.70 ly/m)
2 Star Fortresses Bulwark Starbase, Cirrus Research Station N/A 3442.875c (9.5 ly/h) 249,830c (0.47 ly/m)
3 Scouts and Escorts Na-D2-1b Atlas-Class Destroyer .370c 18737.325c (2.13 ly/h) 424,710c (0.83 ly/m)
4 Cruisers Blackjack Assault Cruiser, Orca-class Battlecruiser, H-Ray .375c 21,915c (2.5 ly/h) 525,960c (1 ly/m)
5 Cargo and Service Ships Warhorse, Red Hill .23c 11875c (1.35 ly/h) 374,750c (0.70 ly/m)
6 Shuttles & Fighters Na-F/A 02 Hammerhead-Type Strike Bomber .357c 4750c (0.54 ly/h) 249,830c (0.48 ly/m)
7 Power Armor NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – “Hostile”, Aggressor Heavy Assault Armor .365c 2375c / 2375c (0.27 ly/h) N/A
  • ly/d = Light years traveled in one day
  • ly/h = Light years traveled in one hour
  • ly/m = Light years traveled in one minute
  • c = The speed of light in a vacuum
  • au/h = Astronomical units per hour

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