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DIoN-Free State Protectorate Treaty

OOC: This treaty has been verified and passed by Nepleslia and the Free State in this thread, and is awaiting approval by the Nepleslian Premier.

Section 1: Territorial Rights

Article I: Boundaries

  • The DIoN will respect all Free State boundaries, insofar as planetary bodies and established mining regions are concerned.
  • These boundaries will be established as a 1 LY sphere around all existing Free State-controlled planets.
  • This space will be solidly identified as the Free State.
  • The Star Military will keep all warships at a minimum of 1 AU distance from all Free State worlds, unless directed to close to a shorter range by the Free State.
  • This regulation will also hold true for all armed Freespacer ships when within DIoN space.

Article II: Expansion

  • The DIoN will pledge to not expand north of the Free State, and will aid in Freespacer colonization or terraforming efforts when required. The Free State shall be free to colonize all worlds north of the NDI-controlled system of Ether.
  • Galactic Northwestern areas, and to leave any uninhabited worlds there in a state that will be usable for future Nepleslian colonization and mining efforts.
  • Hostile Free State elements within the galactic Northwestern regions shall be treated as independent criminal entities, and be dealt with thusly.

Section 2: Military Matters

Article I: Protection

The Star Military of Nepleslia shall pledge to protect Free State resources in the event of an unprovoked, third-party attack.

Article II: Hostile Actions

  • Unless presented with clear and present danger against their respective peoples, the DIoN and the Free State shall agree to undertake no hostile action against one another, directly or by proxy.
  • With the potential danger presented by the Hacker Cult, this includes electronic warfare with malicious intent, especially against government channels.
  • This article also extends to the issue of unusual and unwarranted exploitation or harm being directed to any citizen of either party.

Article III: Exchange

All Freespacers will be elligible to join the Star Military of Nepleslia, with all rights and duties as would be afforded a Nepleslian citizen.

Article IV: Awareness

  • The Free State shall advise the DIoN of all war-capable starships and systems.
  • The Nepleslian Star Military will advise the Polysentience on non-clandestine forces.

Section 3: Civil Matters

Article I: Cross-Citizenship

  • Should they wish, Free State members will be allowed full citizenship within the DIoN, with all the rights entailed in the Nepleslian Constitution.

Article II: Representation

  • The Free State shall be allowed one Senator within the Nepleslian Senate.
  • The Freespacer Senator will not, however, have the ability to vote on the overturn of Planetary laws.

Section 4: Commerce and Trade

Article I: Nepleslian Contributions

  • Nepleslia will export Water and other provisions to the Free State in any requested amount, and up to 7.6 trillion DA worth of supplies in a given year, exempting extenuating circumstances on either side.
  • Nepleslia will export surplus starship and powered armor hulls to the Free State. These hulls, however, will often be stripped.
  • Nepleslia will also grant technical documents concerning the implementation of Anti-Gravity shielding.
  • Should it be requested, Nepleslia will also export Durandium alloy in quantities of up to 1 ton per shipment.
    • For this service, the destination and intended use must be made clear to the exporting party.
    • Should the intended project be terminated or destroyed, the alloy must be either returned to Nepleslia by a Nepleslian-crewed vessel, or re-distributed elsewhere with the consent of the Nepleslian government.
    • Should these terms be violated, shipment of Durandium alloy to the Free State will be closed for four months.

Article II: Freespacer Contributions

  • The Free State will export a total of 5% of annual GNP to Nepleslia in the form of raw materials.
  • The Free State shall continue provisions of Electronic Specialist personnel for information-gathering services within Nepleslian Intelligence Agencies and abroad.


Should the Free State choose to accept the status of Protectorate under the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, this document shall go into immediate effect. Alterations may be proposed to the Nepleslian Senate.



  • Ioannes Calero, Senator
  • Ed Vanderhuge, Senator
  • Patrino Roachmere, Senator
  • Vladimirus Corcyra, Grand Admiral, 2nd Assault Fleet
  • Flint Vanderhuge, Grand Admiral, 1st Assault Fleet
  • Pyros Westwood, Master General
  • Ryan Veles, Vice Admiral, Intelligence Pacification Group
  • Charlie Coast, Premier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

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