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YE 30 Standard Nepleslian Star Navy Uniform

This is the standard uniform of the Nepleslian Star Navy as of YE 30.

With the addition of the Navy to the Star Military came the need to tell the difference a specialist of the field and a specialist of the ship. The result of was a lighter, more comfortable and more blue uniform which carried small similarities with the Marine's uniform. None the less it was design that could easily be told between Marine and Navy.


Garrison Hat

Navalmen/women wear a blue garrison hat that, like the beret, tells which fleet they belong to. See Nepleslian Military Headgear for alternate headgear.

Upper Body

Undershirt and Buttoned Overshirt

As mentioned in the further above passage, the Navy uniform is made for comfort, to keep the Navalman/woman focused on their work. The buttoned overshirt is required for in-ship work, and more temperature-regulated environments. Though, the blue overshirt can be removed for more rigorous and higher-temperature work.

Rank Patches

The pair of black bars on the shoulders indicates what rank a certain navalman/woman is, for a list of ranks, see Nepleslian Military Ranks.

Name Plate

Personal identification of a navalman/woman last name, must be worn at all times when in full uniform. Names will appear in large, bold, capital letters on the plate. Positioned on the left breast.

Military Patch

Current Patch (YE 37-Present) Old (Pre-YE 37)
Nepleslian Star Navy Insignia

As of YE 37, the the Nepleslian Star Navy's insignia is sewn in on all blue button overshirts. It replaced the old Circle and Star of the SMDION.

Double Strap Belt

The double strap belt is probably one of the most unique pieces of wardrobe on the navalman/woman. The doubled straps allows for extra equipment for ship personnel to get their jobs done.

Lower Body

Long Denim Pants

Long, sturdy denim pants, must be secured by the double strap belt

Pull-on Boots

Comfortable work boots, made to be put on quickly in case of emergencies. Light brown leather.

Here's some more example artwork of characters drawn in chibi style.

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