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"Flatfish" Pseudomine Missiles

Flatfish Pseudomines are essentially a cross between a high speed dumbfire missile and a proximity mine. After being deployed, the missiles will patiently wait for up to 2 months (after which they self-destruct) in space, until an unwary object draws close. The Flatfish missiles will activate, and dart towards the object using a magneto-plasma rocket to send it swimming rapidly through space, plotting a flight pattern with the highest chance of hitting. The primary charge is a high yield containment unit's worth of antimatter, along with an EMP generator. On impact, it will engage a short range EMP which will tear gaps into most shielding systems and cause electrical damage, and detonate the AM charge. It is coated with a thin layer of Zanarium to remain undetected while inactive.

Location: Missile Rack Missile Velocity: .35c Warhead: Antimatter/EMP Purpose: Anti-Starship Damage: 4 Area of Effect: 60m

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