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General Services Assault Rifle Model 01

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Don John
  • Manufacturer: NAM
  • Name: GSAR-M1
  • Type: Gas Operated, Closed Bolt, Assault Rifle
  • Role: Assault Rifle
  • Length: 2 ft, 3 inch.
  • Barrel Length: 14 inch.
  • Mass: 7.9 ilbs
  • ROF: 650-800 Rounds/min


Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: FMJ Spitzer Rounds

Firing Mechanism (GSAR-M1 Rifle)

Gas-Operated Action

In gas-operation, a portion of high-pressure gas from the cartridge being fired is used to power a mechanism to extract the spent case and chamber a new cartridge. Energy from the gas is harnessed through either a port in the barrel or trap at the muzzle. This high-pressure gas impinges on a surface such as a piston head to provide motion for unlocking of the action, extraction of the spent case, ejection, cocking of the hammer or striker, chambering of a fresh cartridge, and locking of the action. Several automatic weapons utilize this method of operation.

Ammunition Description

  • Caliber: 7.62 x51mm KZ, 12 Gauge
  • Effective Range 350 Meters (7.62)
  • Maximum Range: 500 Meters (7.62)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 800 m/s (7.62x51mm)
  • Muzzle Blast: Bright yellow flash when exiting barrel, Large flash followed by traces of burning powder (12 Gauge)
  • Firing Mode: Single Shot, 2 round burst
  • Recoil:
  • Moderate for 7.62, Heavy for 2 round bursts.
7.62x51mm FMJ Rounds

Visual Description: Conical, copper plated object with black tip. Set in brass casing. Ammo: 30 Per Magazine Damage Description: Fairly standard, places a hole in the target, minus fragmentation, but more stopping power.

Weapon Mechanisms

M-1V Rifle

Safety: Rotating lever on both sides, diagonally to the right above trigger. Fire Mode Selector: Same lever as safety. First position is safe. Second is Semi and third is 3 round. Weapon Sight: Reflex sight rear of the weapon. Attachment Hard Points: Hard points are located on the bottom of the forward hand guard.


Field Maintenance Procedure: Wipe and clean after every mission, taking care to scrub the barrel down and all moving parts.

Replaceable Parts and Components:

  • All extra parts, internal and external are kept at armories.

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