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Phantom Blades

Designer: Chevra Newman Manufacturer: NAM Aerotech Suggested Price: 650 KS/DA

Parts Costs

Gravity & P/P Suite: 150 KS Nano Engine: 100 KS Powerpack: 75 KS Outer Shell: 25 KS Wheels: 25 KS


Taking military grade technology and turning it to civilian purposes, the Phantom Blades are a continuation of Nepleslia's long running love of extreme sports. The roller skates themselves, are a high performance nanomotor driven model capable of moving swiftly and accelerating to speeds typically enjoyed by cars and low end airbikes. But it is not in these capacities that the Phantoms truly shine. Rather, by combining the technologies anti-gravity generators and the PPG into the basic structure, NAM has developed a roller blade capable of skimming over water, clinging to walls and making insane leaps from great heights and most importantly, surviving. The blades come in a variety of sizes, able to fit lither Nekos, or bulky giant-footed ID-SOLs. The entire generator and engine suite has been significantly scaled down for personal use.


The units can use their antigrav generators to float in mid-air, slowly drop from great heights, and vastly decrease weight, rendering the other systems more effective. The individual push/pull suite in each boot allows it to cling to any flat surface, recover from falls and leap great distances by pushing off. The engines themselves can accelerate as fast as some land vehicles, and top reach speeds of 60 kph. In addition, it is able to leech from power conduits to boost this speed to 120 kph and can grind off nearly any hard surface. When clinging to walls and such, there is an air cushion of about 5 mm, to prevent damage to the structures.

Nomenclature Information

Serial: NAM HPB-1a Name: Phantom Blades Type: Sports Gear Model: 1st Generation Mass Production Role: Mobility

General Information

Max Speed: 120 kph Max Unboosted Speed: 60 kph Acceleration: 7.5 kph/second Battery Life: 48 Hours Powerpack Refit: 2 Years Lifespan: 10 Years (If well maintained)

Safeties and Control

The Phantom Blade is unable to exceed the 120 kph speed limit, regardless of boosting. The boots themselves are also insulated from shock, though the wheels are super conductive.

The control system is comprised of a pair of motion and pressure sensitive gloves. For a full list of movements and effects:

-Acceleration: Swing arms as you would on normal roller skates. -Push: Clench or squeeze to trigger push. Use the hand of the same side as the foot you want to use. -Pull: Point wide open palm towards desired location. This also activates cling and wall ride. -Hover: Hold both open palms over knees, hips or cross arms. -Levitate: Point arms upwards. -Slowfall: Stretch arms to each side. -Safety: Snap thumb from the middle finger to the back of the index or clap hands together.

Maintenance and Care

These are not simple devices. The Blades should be cleaned after every use with lukewarm soapy water, or rubbing alcohol. Cracks in the outer shell can be fixed with a metal epoxy or replaced, but any damage to the electronics or generator suite should be addressed by NAM or a licensed subsidiary repair shop. Powerpacks must be charged for 12 hours for every 48 hours of use. The powerpack can be replaced as many times as necessary, however.

Outer Shell Skins

This skins are special outer shells that resemble some currently used craft, or are just crafted to look a certain way. Just aesthetics. Color schemes for each skin can be selected from a template, or by mixing together varying amounts of the 3 primary colors.

-Sleek -Rugged -Phantom -Horned -Wings -Iron Beast -Tank -AIR2 -WATER2 -FIRE

Component Types

Gravity & P/P Suite: Scaled Down Mass Production Type Nano Engine: Ultracompact Electric Engine Powerpack: Lithium Ion Polymer Outer Shell: Pressed Duraplast Wheels: Super Conductive Duraplast

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