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-====== W3300-AGL ====== 
-The W3300-AGL Is an automatic grenade launcher with remote operation capabilities intially introduced in [[calendar:​YE_33]]. The sturdy design has remained in service for almost a decade, and has seen service with [[faction:​democratic_imperium_of_nepleslia|Nepleslia]],​ [[stararmy:​star_army_of_yamatai|Yamatai]],​ and [[faction:​uso:​usostarorganization|Uso'​s Star Organization]]. 
-===== About the W3300-AGL =====  
-The W3300 is a sturdy design that can be mounted on vehicles or used as a crew serviced weapon. 
-Triggers and an [[corp:​awesomecorp:​datajockey]] on the rear of the weapon allow for manual operation, or the weapon can be remotely operated by using sensors in the the optics pod on the side. The servos that move the weapon are built into the top of the weapon’s tripod and are not actually part of the weapon itself. ​ 
-A small number of the weapons were purchased by the [[stararmy:​star_army_of_yamatai|Yamatai]] in [[calendar:​YE_33]],​ and copies of the design were later produced by [[faction:​uso:​usostarorganization|Uso'​s Star Organization]] starting in [[calendar:​YE_40]]. 
-==== Weapon Specifications ==== 
-=== Nomenclature Information === 
-**Designer:​** [[character:​heram_j._wazu|Heram J. Wazu]], [[corp:​nepleslian_arms_and_munitions]],​ [[technology:​nepleslia:​drei|Drei]],​ [[corp:​Awesomecorp]]\\ 
-**Manufacturer:​** [[corp:​nepleslian_arms_and_munitions]],​ [[faction:​uso:​usostarorganization|Uso'​s Star Organization]] \\ 
-**Name:** W3300 Automatic Grenade Laucher\\ 
-=== Appearance === 
-=== Ammunition Description === 
-Though ammunition can be belt-fed to the weapon from a variety of sources, traditionally ammunition comes backed in a 14 round belt that is suitable to be carried by the unarmored soldier. The rounds come with a specialized fuze that can be set to airburst or proximity detonate prior to launch. A built in saftey requires the rounds travel ten meters before they will arm. The W3300 has 40mm versions of [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades]] that it can fire. 
-**Effective Range:** 3000 meters\\ 
-**Recoil:** Heavy\\ 
-**ROF:** 330RPM\\ 
-**Ammo Types:** [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​fragmentation_grenades|DR Tier 3 Fragmentation Grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​electromagnetic_pulse_grenades|DR Tier 6 EMP grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​scalar_pulse_grenades|DR Tier 1 Scalar Pulse Grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​subspace_particle_grenades|Subspace Particle Grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​smoke_grenades|Smoke Grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​stun_grenades|Stun Grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​movement_restriction_grenades|Movement Restriction Grenades]], [[faction:​nepleslia:​weapons:​infantry_grenades#​relaxant_grenades|Relaxant Grenades]] 
-=== Weapon Mechanisms === 
-**Battery** The weapon is powered by a pair of [[faction:​nepleslia:​equipment:​na-ips32]] stored in the weapon'​s camera pod\\ 
-**Camera** Located in a pod above and to the side of the weapon, this camera provides the weapon’s operator with a view of what is in front of the device and can zoom up to 300x\\ 
-**Datapad** Located on the rear of the weapon just in front of the triggers. This [[corp:​awesomecorp:​datajockey]] provides all the computation power for the weapon and serves as the primary interface for setting the fuses on the weapon’s projectiles.\\ 
-**Iron Sights:** Standard iron sights, intended for users who prefer manual operation.\\ 
-**Rangefinder** Located in a pod above and to the side of the weapon, the laser range finder is used to determine distance to a target. The weapon relays this information to the operator for use in fuse setting.\\