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Beam Blister

The Beam Blister is a specialized Neshaten type of weapon system found used exclusively by directed energy weapons, such as the Neyo Shun. It is a non-turreted based platform that allows a weapon to fire in any direction, three hundred and sixty degrees. Unlike traditional turrets though, it has high maintenance upkeep and requires several components to operate right. They became available in ER 002.

Inactive Blister Active Blister


Blisters are a means of allowing directed energy weapons to be capable of firing in any direction without the mechanical restrictions of a turret. They work by containing energy within the blister itself in a containment field, the armored 'shell' of the blister protects not just 'it' but also the energy inside from external attacks. When the blister is going to be used, this armored shell retracts away to reveal a pulsating energy field both around the blister and on the inside.

Containment fields 'shape' the energy into whatever the ship that it is attached to needs it to be, then that shape is used to fire the enemy beam (or pulse shot). This opens up a small window in the field though where an enemy fighter 'could' potentially get a shot into the built up energy, possibly destroying the blister. Safety measures in place prevent a blister that is being destroyed from causing any serious damage to the ship it is attached to, as power cables are built to be 'one way' and thus prevents a feedback surge. In order to bleed off unspent energy, a device known as a 'tapper' is used along the edges of the blister, this bleeds the energy off into space.

Blisters do, however, have a power cable within that allows them to power down the Blister when combat is over. This particular power cable is disconnected during combat, again, to prevent any possible feedback surges; and is only reconnected when combat ceases. In order for a Blister to have the power needed for any of its assigned energy weapons, it requires either a dedicated reactor, capacitor, or generator. It can all three, but still requires at least 'one' to operate.

Having a dedicated reactor used strictly for the blisters ensures that any potential power drain caused by the weapon itself won't effect the ship or station it is attached to. Capacitors ensure a steady supply of power, or can be used for sudden offensive bursts. Generators are mainly used to provide power to the weapons internal systems, such as the containment fields; the Blisters also have their own dedicated targeting and sensor arrays and can be operated either manually or with a ships computer.

The Blister itself is just a platform for a directed energy weapon. These blisters can be light, medium, or heavy mounts. The type of mount determines the type of damage it can deal.


The Beam Blister is a platform designed by Ney'tehe, the designer and creator behind the Neyo Shun. It was created alongside the N.S. to serve as its primary firing platform.


Class: Weapon Platform Type: Platform Designers: Yuina'cema Merchant Family Manufacturer: Yuina'cema Merchant Family, Military Dockyards

What Uses This

The following beam weapons are used by these Blisters.

Neyo Shun


Targeting Computer

Located just below the base of the Blister is the targeting computer, it is used to seek out targets near and far and to give the weapon the best possible chance of accurate fire.

Contain Field Systems

A system used to contain the energy of the weapon to be fired. The containment field also protects the platform itself from external fire when not in use.


On most vessels, capacitors are used to store up energy from a ships reactor; or from the platforms dedicated reactor/generator. The capacitor can hold enough energy for up to five minutes of continuous fire. Multiple capacitors can be installed for a maximum of four.


Found on ships two hundred meters and larger, the generator takes the place of the capacitor to provide continuous power to the Blister and its systems, unlike on smaller ships where the blister has to get power from the ships reactor.

Dedicated Reactor

The Blister, on ships five hundred meters and larger, comes with a dedicated reactor that is used to provide the platform with power for everything from its internal systems to the weapon itself.

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