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Flora of Neshaten

The Neshaten have a lot of different plant life on their worlds, many of which they utilize in their products and everyday life. In fact, it's very rare to find plant life that 'is not' used by the Neshaten, everything serves it's purpose, whether it's as food for eating, or poison to kill insects or animals.

However, not all plant life is unique to the Neshaten's current worlds, some of it they brought with them after they fled their cornor of the universe.


The following is a list of plants that are edible.



A plant that grows in humid and wet areas, the Yukashane planet is responsible for the juicy fruits known as Yuka'shane, the tree plant grows close to the ground with the fruits themselves growing largely under the top soil with only the stems appearing along the top. Yukashane is a plant saved from extinction when the Neshaten fled their universe. The fruit takes only ten days to grow, it is the most common fruit found in the Kingdom.

The plant is known for being a source of food but also medicine.


The Curone Planet is a plant that can only be grown under the most perfect of enviroments, it has to be grown in a place that isn't to wet or isn't to dry. Like the Yukashane, it fruit grows under the top soil, it requires a small amount of water and can be left alone for long periods of time. It takes forty one days for the fruit to grow.

The roots underneath can apread almost one hundred feet in all directions, the fruit grows off these roots.

Makarele Plant

The Makarele plant is known for the seeds that it creates, it's grown in wetlands and underwater, it's root system is vast and can spread for almost half a mile. The plant is recognized by it's light blue color, with red vine like lines that run across the plants leafs and stem.

The seeds that are harvested from the plant can be used for various purposes, but it's main usage is as a spice for food and drinks. The seeds can be ground up into a powder, then mixed with different types of chemicals to generate all manners of different flavoured spices. From sour, to strong, to sweat.



Gru'treco is a herb that grows primarily in forests, it is harvested for its medicinal usage. However, it can also be burned as incense.


Fu'muirem is a spice that grows in hot arid places but can also be found growing in caves. The herb, as it is classified, is used for preserving food and also for flavoring and is often one of the main ingredients in food dishes.


Lyure is a bushy-like plant that is found growing beside trees. It's pedals are used to help turn food bitter, while it's seeds can be turned into different types of condiments depending on the consistency of water.


Another bush-like plant similiar to Lyure that also grows on the side of trees, it has flowers that are yellow on the outside but white on the inside. The herb generates a type of sap that can be turned into a sweat tasting cream to be used on snacks and on food.


Nyu'stramen is a herbal plant that grows around the base of trees, it is light red with a glossy smooth texture. It has lines running along in the inside, and has a yellow sap that seeps out of it when the plant leaf is 'cut'.

The plant is used as a sweatener in drinks and on food, it's leafs can be ground down into a powder which can then be combined with other foods. Or, it's sap can be crystaliezd similiar to salt and likewise used in the same fashion.

'Pure Nyu'stramen' is when the leaf itself is not crushed or ground down, but is eaten as is. This is highly intoxicating to the indivisual, and too much of it can kill.



Hery'une is a tall-grasslike white plant that grows practically everywhere, it doesn't need much water, and can be grown even in flood plains. It's long, grasslike stems find usage in bakeries and pasteries, while the roots can be used as an afrodesiac.


Yu'nre is another tall-grasslike plant that can be grown anywhere. It has a brown texture to it, and finds usage as a condiment in flavoured drinks, such as soda, or even in fruits to help sweaten the taste.



Yuse'kuie is a vegetable that is light brown with a round surface, it's sweat tasting. It can only be found in dark places such as caves. It finds usage as a nutritional type of food that can either be sliced into 'chips', or can be squished and added to food.

It's favored by young kit's due to how easy it is to eat.


Fo'rena is a red vine that is very sour to the taste that is found growing around other plants, such as trees, bushes, or even found just growing across the ground. The vine can be harvested and turned into snacks that are loved by children, but it can also be served with food to help dampen the taste or perhaps even to make it more sour.



Hyu'trene is a bio-luminescent Algei that grows off the coast, it can be found several miles below the oceans surface and has a red colored texture to it. The algei is slimmy and sticky, clinging to rocks or anything that comes close to it.

The algei gives off a bright red colored glow that pulsats every few seconds in a slow fashion, because of this effect, the Algei finds usage in lamps. However, criminals often use it as a form of 'paint' to smear on the side of buildings to create grafetti, however, it also sees usage as an emergency light source by City Guard officers for marking areas of interest.

It's also usage comes from it's sticky effect, people can use it as a type of glue to bind stuff to surfaces. Outside of the ocean, it must be stored in a liquad container full of water or else it'll dry out after four days.


Sureke is another type of brown algei that grows on the bottom of the ocean floor, it's light yellow texture makes it easy to identify. Sureke gives off a high-pitched sound when predators get close, it finds usage as an 'early warning' system in military bases to ward off trespassors.

It can remain out of water for almost half a season, but any kind of water can help sustain it for many seasons.



Tra'les is a fungi that grows in damp areas but can be found growing amongst other plants such as Curone and Dryure. Tra'les have fat stems with large spider like disks that extrud out of the stem, the disks have sharp pointy thorns on them to ward away any predators.

The disks are thick with a substance similiar to that of meat, and because of this, the disks are harvested for this reason. Although this form of meat is bitter and not well tasting, it can be processed and mixed in with animal meat or can be cooked alone with spices and herbs mixed in.



Li'yshe is a kind of tree found not on the surface, but rather, within caves and underground. Li'yshe is a form of Petrified Wood that has a number of applications within the Kingdom, not just in the creation of luxurious furniture.


A list of planets that are not edible.



No'vum'can is a vine-like plant that is considered to be so dangerous, that the enviromentally friendly Kingdom has it listed as a 'kill off', this is because No'vum'can is not only poisonious to people and animals, but also to other plants and spreads aggressively. It has a white coloring to it with thorns and a purple cloudy-like texture.

It's considered a weed, because it can spread across the ground but it's also dangerous to buildings as it if it gets into a crevice it can widen that crevice and possibly present a structural problem for the buliding.



Nyuhe is a long stemmed light purple fruit that can be found growing in rainy regions, it's sweat taste betrays what the fruit actually is. The fruit has a poisonious chemical inside that will slowly kill a person after they've ate the fruit.


Yetre is a light green fruit that grows widly and nearly uncontrollably, requiring it to be cleared out constantly. It primarily grows near lakes, oceans, and along rivers. The insides of the fruit is a liquad substance that is slimy to the touch but also somewhat sticky.

Congesting the fruit will result in a person's throat becoming clogged with the substance and will result in death. This fruit is the primary ingredient in making glue or sticky foam.



Dre'tre'ke is a herb that grows in wet regions, it's sap is toxic to living creatures and because of this it finds usage as a form of poison. Used in small enough concentrations, it'll only harm insects and small animals, while used in high concentrations it'll kill Daur, Laibe, or even My'leke.

Can either be ground into a powder, or distilled in water.


Dre'neya is another herb that also grows in wet regions but can also be found in dry climates. The herb has a vine-like appeareance to it with thorns all over and small pedals. The pedals can be harvested and turned into an acid that can be used for burning through practically anything known to the Neshaten.



De'netre is a kind of rose bush found usually in a very dry area such as a desert although it can grow amongst humid and even tropic places. The plant is non-editble because of the sap that courses through its veins, this sap is highly toxic and can paralyze a person within minutes. De'netree is known for its fire resistant qualities, in that it can stand high temperatures and even surface forest fires that would decimate other plant life.

The bush has a sort of symbolic relationship with other plants in that seedlings from those plants typically hide beneath the De'netree for seasons on end - during this time the seedlings are absorbed into the De'netree where the plant would force them into its 'roses' where they are then shot up into the air during a fire and carried on the fires winds to land elsewhere to bear new trees. De'netre are considered an invasive species of plant, because they are constantly growing, but the fibers within the plant are actually used in the creation of firesuits and other fire-resistant material.

Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants refers to the creation of artificial living flora, basically flora that has either been bio-engineered or that has been carefully experimented upon. These particular types of plants are extremely rare within the Kingdom, largely because of the ramifications of such experimentation. Because of this, artificial plants are grown under very strict conditions.


Jen'sihayse is a tree-like plant artificially created in a lab and grown in several areas throughout the Kingdom, it is a plant whose sole creation was to be used in entirely the material known as Meina'slahe. It is not edible. It was created utilizing the DNA of a number of other plants, including the Li'yshe, De'betre, and Yetre. It can be grown only in tropical environments, largely due to its DNA makeup.

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