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Geo'kenese Starbase

Geo'kenese is a starbase owned and operated by the Kingdom of Neshaten that orbits Levia, it is a heavily armed base and one of the largest built, possess a large number of modules compared to the starbase that orbits Nesha Prime. This has a lot to do with Levia being the Kingdom's military stronghold for their home system. It is home of the 1st Exploratory Fleet. It was constructed in ER 766, although expansion is still ongoing.

Geo'kenese serves both as a trading hub and military starbase.


Geo'kenese is a Ya’tronesha Hub Station that started construction in ER 765 over the planet of Levia. It was originally intended to be a civilian starbase owned by a member of the royal family, but this changed shortly after the hub was built when the monarchy choose to instead turn the base over to the military.

Because of this, the original plans behind what modules would be added to the station changed from just being residential blocks and industrial construction modules to also including crew, combat, and additional power systems along with several shipyards. This effectively turned the base not only into a stronghold but also one that could construct relief vessels and combat ships at a moments notice. This also means that the construction yards that orbit Nesha Prime could be put into reserve use and instead used primarily for civilians.

Geo'kenese is well known by the citizenry due to it being a place of recreation and enjoyment due to it possessing a number of recreational sports and even a large arena that allows for betting and gladiatorial tournaments. It also has two restaurants that were opened in EE001 that serve top-notch food.

In EE 001, the station became the primary trading hub for the Kingdom.


Geo'kenese is a large starbase that orbits Levia, it serves a dual purpose as both a stronghold and as a civilian station due to it's large number of residential modules. Combat modules dot the rim of the station but also take up a good portion of the central area, the shipyards on the other hand are placed strictly in the center to make them easier to defend in the event of an attack.

A large number of docking 'arms' extend outward from the rim to allow for up to one hundred large starships to be docked simultaneously. This doesn't include internal docking space, which can allow for many more hundreds of ships of smaller size to be docked at once. It has a large number of smaller docking bays for smaller starships, fighters, and freighters. This is also the reason why it became a trading hub, because the space around the stations is constantly abuzz with activity. There are a number of traffic control centers that dot the surface of the station, each one is responsible for a particular 'quadrant' of the space around the station to help ease the load off other control centers.


Important Locations

Geo'kenese features the following important locations:

Docking Registration

This lists the areas of the ships external docking rings that are registered to specific groups.

There seven concourses, each concourse has twenty docking arms.

  • Concourse A1 - Civilian Docking Arm for passenger and transport vessels.
  • Concourse B1 - Civilian Docking Arm for trading ships, including large freighters.
  • Concourse C1 - Military Docking Arm for military supply ships.
  • Concourse D1 - Military Docking Arm for station defense forces.
  • Concourse E1 - Military Docking Arm used by the Shukara Volunteer Navy, this docking arm is modified.
  • Concourse F1 - General purpose docking arm, can be used by anyone.
  • Concourse G1 - Emergency docking arms, used exclusively for emergencies.

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