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Neshaten "Star'ling" Hand Grenades

The Star'ling is what the Kingdom of Neshaten refer to as a Hand Grenade, these grenades are meant to be trigger by interacting with it's trigger mechanism, either by touch, or by some other means.

Grenade Design Styles

All Neshaten style grenades are designed the exact same way, using two different grenade designs with both appearance and color being the differences. The first design resembles a shuriken, while the second is shaped like a ball. All grenades have an LED on them that denotes how long a grenade has before detonation, with the LED increasing in pulses the closer it gets to detonation. Grenades typically take four seconds to detonate.

Shuriken Style

Shuriken Style Fragmentation Grenade

The shuriken style grenade is designed so that the four spokes are retracted into the grenade itself, and slowly expand outward to give the appearance of how much 'time' a person has before detonation. However, these very same spokes can be changed so that they are always out, this can be done if the grenade is being thrown so that it'll stick into surface. These type of grenades are also designed to have half the blast radius of the circular grenades. They are also mostly found in the hands of special forces units and serve more to localize damage in one direction.

Ball Style

Ball Style Tear-gas Grenade

On the other hand, the ball style grenade is intended for usage in open areas, where's smooth and round surfaces allow it to roll across the surface and 'bounce' off walls. These are the most common infantry based grenades, likewise also found in the hands of City Guard Enforcement units. Unlike the Shuriken Grenade which has lights on the tips, the ball grenade has lights on the sides. The ball style serves a different purpose than the shuriken style by spreading the contents of the grenade outward in all direction.


These grenades have a reddish exterior body. Explosive grenades are on an authorization basis only, due in large part to the Neshaten not wanting to take lives. Because of this, these grenades are only available to Naval Forces.

List below is also whether they use one or the other grenade style.

Type 21 Star'ling Frag (Blue Ring) (Ball/Shuriken) Type 21 Star'ling Concussion (Brown Rings)


These grenades have a light gray exterior.

Type 20 Star'ling Smoke Screen (Yellow Rings) Type 20 Star'ling Signal Smoke (Blue Rings) Type 20 Star'ling Tear Gas (Red Rings) Type 20 Star'ling Flashbang (Orange Rings) (Ball Only) Type 20 Star'ling Stickybang (Green Rings) (Ball Only)

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